Israelis Shoot 3-Year-Old Palestinian Baby with Live Ammo During “Training Exercise”

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2018

The Israeli military routinely does dry-runs in West Bank prison-ghettos. They drop in at random, give residents a warning to leave for the day (or die), then literally practice for the day when they can totally ethnically cleanse them/racially exterminate them.

If that’s not enough chutzpah, when the exercises are finished, IDF soldiers leave booby traps and explosives all over the place so that when the local children return and play outside, they get maimed or killed.

This is the kind of sick, sadistic and evil stuff these same filthy kikes accuse our ancestors of doing. They lie and pretend this is what the Germans did to them or what Southerners did to blacks in Hollywood movies. But it’s all projection: this is what they do when they’re in charge.

In this case, their “training” led to a 3-year-old baby being shot in the head!

Middle East Monitor:

A three-year-old Palestinian was shot in the head during an Israeli “military training” session in the northern occupied West Bank city of Tubas.

According to a statement by the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Health, the child was hit in the head with live bullets. He was taken to Rafidia Surgical hospital in Nablus.

She pointed out that the child’s relatives told “medical staff that he was shot during IDF training in the area.”

“The health situation of the injured child is stable,” the ministry said.

The Israeli military frequently conducts training in Palestinian communities in Tubas, the Jordan Valley of the occupied West Bank, Hebron, and several other areas. Palestinians are often forced to abandon their homes to make way for the training sessions.

They only engage in these antics in the West Bank, which is under the Palestinian Authority. The same is true for “illegal settlements” nobody does anything about. The US government bribes the PA in exchange for not fighting back against Israel.

The IDF doesn’t even think of pulling this crap in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, because the Palestinians there will physically resist. Jews don’t believe in reciprocation or diplomacy. They aren’t normal people. If you don’t immediately react in kind when they push you, they push harder!

This is what Paul Nehlen has learned.

If Israel ever succeeds in vanquishing Hamas and Hezbollah, overthrowing Assad and provoking a civil war in Iran, they will march into the Palestinian territories and slaughter every last man, woman and child.

Breitbart will show pictures of Palestinian kids playing with toy guns as proof that toddlers are terrorists who deserve to die.

What do you think our elite Jews will do when their plan to make whites a single-digit minority in America are finally realized?

If the Palestinians – who objectively have never done anything to Jews to deserve this treatment – get this kind of treatment, imagine what they will do to the last whites remaining. It’s no secret they consider Aryans their eternal nemesis.