Israel’s Olmert Says He was Witch-Hunted by American Kikes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2018

Kike witch hunts have gotten to the point where they’re witch-hunting JEWS!


In an explosive interview, former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert claimed that he was investigated and imprisoned for corruption after being targeted by a cabal largely financed by wealthy American Jews.

Olmert told TV channel i24NEWS that his six-year prison sentence for graft and bribery – he was released on parole last year, after serving just 16 months – was the result of trumped up charges.

“The nature of the allegations against me…were really at the end of the day very ridiculous, very insignificant…it was clear to me that those who were after me were ready to do everything, everything in order to get rid of me…,” he said.

“It was big operation, largely financed by rich Jews from America.”

Even before he was convicted on corruption charges, Olmert and his allies had accused wealthy, right-wing American Jews of trying to sabotage his peace plan with the Palestinians and push him out of office.

A source close to Olmert told the Jerusalem Post in 2012 that right-wing American casino magnate Sheldon Adelson played a major role in privately financing an investigation into Olmert’s alleged shady dealings.

Speaking with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in May 2012, Olmert insisted that he had been the victim of a right-wing conspiracy involving powerful American businessmen. However, he declined to name names.

“[Trying to make peace] was a killer for me,” he told Amanpour, adding that “millions and millions of dollars” had been provided by American right-wingers in hopes of toppling him.

Seriously though.

There’s a legit split between the Jews – and it is widening.

This isn’t necessarily an American-Israeli split. It is mostly that. But Olmert was more on the liberal American side, and Sheldon Adelson is more on the far-right Israeli side. And the Israelis themselves are split – at least the Ashkenazim. The brown ones all support a right-wing Israeli expansionist/revenge agenda.

This gets confusing for anti-Semites who tend to think of them all as being part of the same agenda. And they are all part of the same agenda when it comes to Jewing the goyim. But in reality, they are deeply divided on the direction Israel should go in.

Ultimately, the more powerful ones seem to support the Netanyahu right-wing agenda.

But just look at this Saudi situation – it was right-wing Netanyahu-tier Jews that setup the Trump weapons deal. It was setup by Jared Kushner, at whose house Netanyahu sleeps when he goes to New York. Saudi is the greatest ally of Israel. But all of these American Jews are now trying to sideline and isolate Saudi.

That has a lot to do with “get Drumpf.” But it also highlights the fact that American shitlib Jews are increasingly uncomfortable with the behavior fo the Netanyahu regime, and want that shit to cool down. This is probably because on the ground, they sense that this Israel agenda of slaughter is becoming a liability for Jews globally. Or maybe they are just genuinely high on their own supply, believing that Arab lives matter. It is probably a bit of both. From where I’m sitting, that’s what it looks like.

Whatever – it doesn’t matter why Jews do what they do. It’s just important to be aware.