It was Possible After All: Man Does Mario Wall Jump in Real Life

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2019

It doesn’t happen much anymore, but when I am impressed with something on the internet, it’s usually someone doing video game stuff in real life.

Daily Mail:

A parkour star bounds up a wall more than double his height leading fans to liken him to the video game character Mario.

Jesse Turner, from Gold Coast, Australia, is a parkour professional, free-runner and stuntman.

The first attempt shows Jesse, in his late 20s, launch himself at the marble wall in Brisbane, Queensland, yet he falls down after losing his grip on the slippery surface.

After cleaning his trainers in a sling, Jesse tries again and bounds six times between the walls.

In a third attempt, Jesse reaches the top yet slides down the wall and rolls on the ground in frustration.

After a fourth failed attempt, the camera pans to security guards who are amazed at Jesse’s will to conquer the seemingly impossible task.

In the final quest, Jesse leaps between the walls six times before clutching onto the ledge.

Jesse appears from the ledge and throws his hands up in amazement as he celebrates his parkour challenge.

Dreams do come true and there is magic in the world.

Never give up.

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