Italy Gets More Based: Pig Head Attack on Local Refugee Center by Patriots

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2018

Italy, please, don’t stop being based. You’re my one-stop source for white pills atm.

Il Gazettino:

A pig head with some parts of entrails were found in Sacile on the concrete fence pillar in front of the garden of the building in Via San Giovanni del Tempio, at number 77, a building managed by the social cooperative Karpos of Porcia.

It was just past 6:30 today, Friday, June 15, when the pig’s head was found by some asylum seekers. The Carabinieri arrived immediately from the Radiomobile rate of the Compagnia di Sacile. The head was removed from the staff of the company Environment and services which then took her to a compactor.

The eight asylum seekers who have been on the ground floor of the structure since 2016 have never created problems. There have never been complaints from neighbors or the local community. All the investigations by the military of the Arma are under way to determine if there are any correlations between the grisly gesture and today’s Thanksgiving party for the end of Ramadan. The refugees did not lodge a complaint even though they considered themselves very offended and regretted. 



On the subject of pigs and pig heads.

I like it.

It’s like a nithing pole.

I also like the boar as a symbol of Europe and European resistance.

It’s got an ancient Gallic, Germanic, even Roman element to it.

The boar has some great qualities that we definitely want to associate with our nationalist movement.

Like, did you know that a pig who makes it out of the enclosure and into the woods starts growing bristles and tusks again once it’s free for some time?

Its wild nature comes back out again.

Furthermore, boars are dangerous. Their hide is so thick that it can take a bullet and still keep coming at you. Boars are nature’s tanks. If you get chased up a tree, the boar will ram the damn tree and gore its roots until the damn thing falls and it can get at you.

Because boars are stubborn and tough and when they get enraged, they get mad. 

So yeah, great symbol overall.

And I’m not even getting into the implicitly anti-semitic element because of halal and kosher and all that.

More of this, please.

Every European man worth his salt needs to start running a pig farm. We need more swine farmers in our movement. These things are lethal, they’re good at eating dead Moslems…and they’re good at finding expensive mushrooms which is a nice bonus.

Pigs are a European nationalist’s best friend.

Dogs and cats are ok, I guess.

But if you want to be taken seriously by serious nationalists, you need to get yourself a pig, STAT.

Pigs are trad AF. And only whites own them as things stand. That makes them implicit AF as well.

Don’t end up looking like a fool, get yourself a piggy.