Italy: God-King Salvini Demands Jew Central Bank Forks Over Their Jew Gold!

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
Febuary 13, 2019

“You will lay down your Jew gold at my feet in tribute, vile money lenders!”

There’s a lot of dog-whistle terms for “Jew.” There’s “globalist,” “zionist,” “European-style socialist,” and so on.

But of all these euphemisms, probably the most transparent is “central banker.”

Central banks have always been purely a Jew scam, perpetuated solely for the benefit of draining gentile society of its resources for the benefit of their tribe.

As such, when a country’s leaders tell their central banker to fork over their gold for the benefit of the people, they might as well be shouting “gas the kikes.”


Italy’s populists opened a new front in their clash with the country’s central bank, calling on lawmakers to pass legislation stating that its gold holdings worth almost $103 billion belong to the state.

Where did the goyim think up such absurd notions as the Jew’s gold belonging to the goyim? It seems more holocaust awareness training will be necessary.

The gold ownership bill presented by euroskeptic lawmaker Claudio Borghi of the League adds to an already tense relationship between the Bank of Italy and the coalition government.

Borghi is, of course, a part of Salvini’s Lega party. This initiative is obviously an extension of Salvini’s recent attacks on the central bank.

It’s also sparked criticism from opposition politicians, and some national media argue that it may allow the government to raid the gold reserves to fund spending promises.

Oh, no, how terrible would it be if Italian gold was used to invest in the Italian economy instead of being used to enrich Jews through speculation. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Borghi has rejected the accusation and said he’ll ensure Parliament has ultimate power. His concern is that ambiguity of ownership means that a victorious legal action against the central bank — for inadequate supervision, for example — leaves open the possibility of a claimant getting compensation in gold.

“My bill only aims at making clear that the gold belongs to the state, not to the government,” he said in a telephone interview on Monday. “If there are doubts on our intentions, we can also pass another law saying none of the gold reserves can be sold unless there is a majority of two thirds or more of both houses of Parliament.”

The central bank says its 90.8 billion euros in gold is the fourth-largest reserve in the world. Borghi’s bill, being examined by the Lower House’s Finance Committee, calls for an explicit interpretation of legislation that the institute “holds and manages as deposits” the gold, while the state has ownership.

Salvini has been attacking the Italian central bank non-stop in the past few days, demanding that all its cadres be fired and replaced with more cooperative people.

Alas, like in most countries, Italy’s central bank is set up in such a way as to make it somewhat independent from the state. In Italy’s case, this is done by attaching the central bank to a larger EU body and making it subject to its rules and decrees.

Central banks are some of the most important institutions of control over modern societies, and the Jews are not about to let some populist goyim wrestle control of them without a fight.

In fact, any discussion, by a politician, of restraining the power of the central bank, will be taken as an outright declaration of war against organized Jewry.

“The goyim are insurrecting, my lord!”

“Raise interest rates by 3%! Huehuehue!”

The only way Italy will free itself from the Jewish control over its money is by moving ahead with Italexit. We can only hope that this is how things progress from here.