Italy: Government Promoting Display of Crucifixes, Nativity Scenes in Schools to Defend Heritage, Identity

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 4, 2018

See this??? It means NOT WELCOME!

How long has it been since the filthy evil Jews told us we weren’t allowed to promote our own heritage and identity in our schools anymore, and the kike courts somehow ruled that it was against the Constitution to even allow children to pray in school?

You have to shut these Jews down as soon as they start, because once they start, they do not ever stop.


The crucifix and nativity cribs are symbols of Italian history, tradition, and faith, so it “is right that they are displayed in the classroom”, the Education Ministry has stressed, after it emerged that some schools were blocking Christmas displays “out of respect for other cultures”.

“For me, the crucifix is a symbol of our history, our culture, our traditions,” education minister Marco Bussetti said, telling a meeting of 180 teachers and school leaders from across the country he believed the same to be true for Christmas trees and nativity displays at this time of year.

Speaking at the Federation of Catholic Schools’ annual congress in Rome on Thursday, the minister — an independent who has taught in schools and universities during his long career in education — said he could not understand why some headteachers and school administrators feel the display of Christian cultural markers in classrooms could be problematic.

I guess Italy has never been that bad, but it is crazy to hear in current year of any white country that isn’t former commie to be saying that Christianity is a representation of ethnic identity and that it should be promoted.

Salvini really is not playing a game with these kikes.