Italy: Government to Make a LIST of Filthy Gypsy Scum – Genocide on the Way?

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
June 20, 2018

TFW you’re about to start rounding up undesirables.

The concept of “list” is a wonderful thing – both powerful and terrible. We have all sorts of lists – todo lists, shopping lists, lists of contacts, lists of reasons we hate the Jews…

But the true power of lists only manifests itself when you start making a list of names – especially a list of people you don’t like.

That power is even greater when you let everyone know you’re making this list, and keeping it.

Everyone dreads being on a list. That’s like a sword of Damocles hanging above your head, never knowing when it is that the list’s dark purpose will come to light and destroy your life.

Because of the fearsome power of a list of names, we as individuals must never keep them, lest they be used to falsely accuse us of crimes or intent to commit crimes.

But when the government announces that they’re starting to draw up lists of undesirables, you know shit is about to go down – for realz.

And what people could be better to start putting on a list than filthy Gypsies?

Gypsies are the scum of the earth. Oh, wait – wrong picture. Those are White people larping as Gypsies.

Yeah, that’s what actual Gypsies look like.

The Times:

Matteo Salvini, head of the anti-migrant League party, has won notoriety in Europe for preventing the arrival in Italy of the Aquarius rescue ship, which was carrying 629 migrants, forcing it to dock in Spain.

He said yesterday that he would create a register of Roma or Gypsy people in Italy. “I’ve asked the ministry to prepare a dossier on the Roma question in Italy,” he told TeleLombardia, adding that the current situation was “chaos”. He then switched to discuss his plans to expel migrants jailed in Italy, before stating: “Unfortunately you need to keep Italian Roma in Italy.”

Wow, what a black pill – needing to keep these subhumans in Italy because of nonsensical “human rights” laws.

Sounds like Italy is in serious need of legal reform.

You’re found guilty of the crime of being a filthy Gypsy. 50 years in the iso-cube.

Mr Salvini, 45, has railed against Gypsies for years, calling for their camps to be bulldozed and claiming this year that Roma people “are not happy unless they are stealing”.

It’s a manifest fact that Gypsy camps need to be bulldozed.

No one is disputing that. But does anyone have a real plan to realize it?

I, for one, propose replacing Italian cop cars with killdozers.

Innovative solutions for modern living.

The League formed a populist coalition this month with the Five Star party and drew up a joint programme that calls for the closure of unlicensed Gypsy camps. The programme links an “exponential” rise in crime to the appearance of camps on the outskirts of cities, including the burning of stolen materials, which creates toxic fumes. It also calls for Roma children whose parents do not send them to school to be taken into care.

Oh, no! Another government is going to kidnap children in a serial manner!

What about Christian values?


Mr Salvini’s latest comments were compared by Roberto Malini at the Everyone Group, a charity that campaigns for minority group rights, to Nazi propaganda. “These words, and the call for a register of Gypsies, takes us back to the beginnings of Nazism,” he said.

Damn straight.

Time to take out the Gypsy like it’s 1943 (note: they are really not good at making the sad face like the Jew children, wow).

Carlo Stasolla, of the July 21 Association, which defends Roma rights, said: “The interior minister apparently doesn’t know that in Italy a census based on ethnic origin is not legal.”

Carlo Stasolla apparently doesn’t know that in Italy, Matteo Salvini IS the law.

Responding to the anger generated by his comments, Mr Salvini tweeted: “Someone is talking about being shocked. Why? I am thinking of those poor children taught to steal and break laws.

Yes, how is that not humane? Take these little rats out of their families of criminals, where they’d learn how to do all sorts of illegal acts, and instead put them in government camps where they can learn real Italian culture.

With enough education, Gypsy children might even get the hang of talking with their hand gesturing like a normal Italian.

Once these children grow up, we can then just ship them all back to India, where they come from.

Or, you know, in the middle of the sea (but only as a prank, and in Minecraft, of course).

Putting Gypsies on a list is a great first step to cleansing Italy from their presence. And getting rid of Gypsies is a great first step to getting rid of Jews.