Italy: Live Election Updates!

Daily Stormer
March 4, 2018

10:30 PM EST:

New poll shows that the right-wing coalition will win by a large margin, unless the 5 Star Movement enters into a coalition with other parties.


Pollster SWG predicts the Centre-Right which is Berlusconi’s coalition will have 127-147 seats.

The 5 Star Movement are heading for between 95 and 115 seats.

The Centre-left which comprises of Renzi and allies are due to get 50-70 seats.

Also, a wild Nigel enters the scene!

Nigel Farage has offered his congratulations to Italy’s Five Star Movement.

His words have come as the latest exit polls show that the eurosceptic Five Star Movement is now the single largest party in the election.

Mr Farage tweeted: “Congratulations to my colleagues in the European Parliament Five Star Movement for topping the poll tonight.”

8:23 PM EST:

Projected results showing an even larger percentage for the Five Star Movement and the Northern League than predicted by exit polling data.

8:19 PM EST:

We’re still awaiting official results. It might be a little while before we get them. The exit polls are very encouraging though. It shows that anti-EU and anti-migrant sentiment has ruled the day.

It doesn’t appear as if there will be an outright winner though. The exit polls are indicating a hung parliament which means negotiations will have to take place to see if some type of coalition government can be formed. The good news is that any negotiations to form a coalition government will be happening between populist and nationalist leaning parties. The political left appears to have been greatly marginalized.

5:25 PM EST:

Another exit poll shows similar results. Five Star Movement on top. The exit polls are largely reflecting what was predicted before the election.

5:15 PM EST:

Early exit poll shows the populist Five Star Movement leading with roughly 30 percent of the vote. The establishment leftist Democratic Party headed by Matteo Renzi follows with 22 percent. The anti-migrant Northern League got 14.5 percent tied with Silvio Berlusconi’s establishment right leaning Forza Italia party.

5:00 PM EST:

Polls have just closed. France 24 and Sky News are providing live coverage of the results on their live streams.

Original Article:

Italy’s election is being held today. Polls are set to close at 5 PM EST or 11 PM CET.

Here are the major candidates and parties involved.

Nationalist and populist parties are expected to do well in the vote. The general public has grown increasingly angry over the violent hordes of Africans that have been brought into their country. It appears as if that anger is finally boiling over.

So far, voter turnout has been high compared to historical norms.


First turnout projections shared by the Italian Home Office Ministero degli Interni at 12.26 pm local time (11 am GMT) show that 19.23 percent of people went to vote this morning.

The data are only partial, as they show the turnout in only 4,317 constituencies, roughly half of the total number Italians are voting in, but they already signal a rise in the number of people who voted compared to the last elections.

On February 24, 2013, when the last general elections took place in Italy, 14.94 per cent of people went to vote before 12 pm.

Italy’s former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is attempting a political comeback in the election representing the Forza Italia party. As he cast his vote, he was confronted by a topless FEMEN skank who terrorized the room with her gross tits. Berlusconi was not impressed with what he saw and the slut terrorist was quickly removed by police.

Other than this incident, the vote has been proceeding normally.

We will update this story as soon as the results start coming in.