Italy May Have Just Pulled Itself Up Out of the Grave

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 24, 2018

Oh so we’re doing good news now?

The Express:

Italy’s President Sergio Mattarella has given Giuseppe Conte the mandate to become the prime minister of a coalition composed by only populist parties, making the country the largest in the EU to be led by anti-establishment forces.

President Mattarella ended the 80-day long political deadlock reigning over Italy by giving the mandate to law professor Mr Conte after a meeting that lasted for almost two hours.

Mr Conte has accepted the President’s offer saying that he will be “the defence attorney of Italians”.

Claiming his government will be one “of change”, he added: “The President and I spoke about the difficult phase Italy has been going through in the past months and the challenges ahead of us.

“And I am aware Italy needs to confirm European and international obligations.

“The next government will have to start negotiating immediately over the European budget, the asylum rights and the banking union.”

“It’s my intention to work hard on this by building alliances and operating to defend the national interest.”

Mr Conte also said he would need a few days to draw up a list of ministers for his administration, which will be backed by anti-establishment Five Star Movement and anti-immigration party Lega, who put forward his name.

He doesn’t hold any elected position and has no political or management experience.

That last part is a good thing…sort of.

Look at Trump – we elected him because he was an outsider who was supposed to ride in and clean things up in DC. That’s the good thing about being an outsider – you come off as fresh.

But look at all the fumbling that Trump has been doing. Experience also means knowing how the government works and how to advance your agenda.

So it’s a trade-off.

Inexperience means possible lack of corruption, but also possible incompetence. 

Let’s hope that Conte learns on his feet and fulfills his mandate to Make Italy Italian Again. Barring that, let’s hope that he crashes the EU with no survivors.

The EU is already facing resistance from the East – the Visegrad group.

Is it too much to hope for that Italy opens up a southern front? 

Like all the non-productive EU members, Italy gets a lot of gibs from Brussels in exchange for keeping its borders open, letting fags parade in the streets and making sure their markets stay open to German goods.

All European politicians are basically obsessed with maximizing Mama Merkel’s gibs and minimizing the negatives of this relationship. Seriously. Every one.

That’s what European politics is all about.

Some politicians want to play nice with Brussels, others want to extract more gibs. That’s the main difference. Few parties or politicians want to disengage from the money-teat that is the German Protestant work ethic and industrial might.

Just about every eastern and southern country in Europe has gorged itself on German loans and now Conte is talking about not paying Italy’s debts.

Which could bankrupt Germany’s banks just like a possible Greek default could have done.

Greece was the domino that should have started the collapse, but instead, the Syrzia party cucked out and agreed to pay debts because they’re left-wing pussies and manginas who lied to get elected and then did nothing.

So now Italy has the same chance.

Things there are pretty bleak. Italy faces four major problems:

  • Corruption
  • Unemployment
  • Debts
  • Infinite niggers

The new populist government led by Conte will probably make no real progress on the corruption front and the unemployment fronts – because that is just sort of how Italy works – but they do have a shot at defaulting on Italy’s debt and kicking out the nog menace. 

The kikes and cucks are already freaking out about what this new government might mean for their precious nigger pets.

European Post:

“The Italian government has not been formed yet. The European Commission will judge the government on how they will act, not on what they announce. We must safeguard the African migrants’ rights in Italy,” President of the European Commission Juncker said during a press conference with the president of the Africa Union to the press who asked what he thought about the expulsion of 500,000 migrants which has been added to the new Italian governments’ programme, ANSA reports.

Looks like mass deportations are back on the menu, boys.

I always had a good feeling about the hot-headed and based Italians.

My money is on the periphery European nations like Italy and Hungary getting their shit together and bringing the whole thing crashing down.

Okay so that particular concept didn’t actually apply to Soviet Russia.

But Angela Merkel babe, you ain’t no Joseph Stalin.

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