Italy: Police Club Disgusting Degenerate Communists Like They’re Baby Seals

Daily Stormer
February 9, 2018

Some Italian Antifa faggots got clubbed by noble Italian cops when they tried to rush something or other.

It’s hilarious to watch, there is quite a bit of hand gesturing and commie butthurt (as well as arm, head, and torso hurt) to be seen.

Italy will probably be subjected to EU sanctions for this act.

Antifa are the footsoldiers of the international elite ruling class, and they are supposed to be protected. The cops are supposed to pretend they don’t exist even if they’re burning down a city, as they did at the G-20 in Germany last year. They certainly don’t want fewer people joining this terrorist group, and getting the shit beat out of you by cops is bad optics.

Merkel is gonna call Italy and be like “yo, you can’t stop these people when they riot – it’s against our values.”