It’s All a Big Joke – Until “NAZISM” Actually is the Official Ideology of the Republican Party

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 1, 2018

The kikes are having a fun-ass jokey-joke time calling Republicans “NAZIS.”

What these filthy, ratfaced Jews do not seem to understand is that they are playing a role in speaking this into reality.


Google admitted to an over-reliance on public sources to shield itself from accusations of political bias, after its automated algorithm listed ‘Nazism’ among the California Republican Party’s ideologies, triggering a scandal.

A search for ‘California Republican Party’ on Google as late as Thursday morning listed “Nazism” as one of the party’s political ideologies in the ‘knowledge panel’ box, which popped up in the query alongside “Conservatism,” “Market liberalism,” “Fiscal conservatism,” and “Green conservatism.” The reference to Nazi ideology, which was responsible for millions of deaths under the reign of Adolf Hitler, sparked outrage from the Republicans, who are gearing up to hold primary elections in California next week.

While the reference, spotted by political strategist Eric Wilson and Vice News, was since removed, Republicans lashed out against the “slander” of conservatives by the California-based company.

Google, however, brushed aside criticism, claiming that its algorithms are totally unbiased and rely on public information sources such as Wikipedia. The Mountain View company blamed the misunderstanding on “vandalism,” and stressed that it was not the result of any “manual” manipulation by Google staff.

“Sometimes people vandalize public information sources, like Wikipedia, which can impact the information that appears in search,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement. “We have systems in place that catch vandalism before it impacts search results, but occasionally errors get through, and that’s what happened here.”

No one really cares how it happened.

Maybe Fox News cares, I dunno.

I don’t care.

The important thing is that it is happening all the time.

And that is great.

Language is the only real power, you see.

It is all about the memes.

So yes, Jews.

Call everyone Nazis.

Meme me up, Shlomo.