It’s All Happening Now: Drumpf to Finally Go Down Once and for All

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2018

The media has spent 3 years telling us that Donald Trump is involved in some kind of lunatic white supremacist money-laundering conspiracy of some sort with the Russians.

And now, finally, because of an ostrich jacket, a taxi company, building a building, emails, etc., it’s all about to finally be proved true once and for all.

Your faith in the media, cat ladies, was not misplaced. They never led you astray.

After years, it’s all come down to this: Drumpf if Individual #1.

Check out all those headlines, all in the same day.

That’s a wrap, kids.

No way there could be that many headlines saying this many things about the same guy and it not be the end of him.

Individual #1 was working for the Russians all along.

He hacked the election for the Aryan race, and to build a penthouse. $50 million for the penthouse.

The Jew lawyer – lying.

The other guy – ostrich jacket.


KGB from the word go.