It’s Independence Day! 242nd! Hail America! New Rome! Live Forever!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 4, 2018

I love my country.

I would die for my country.

Because my country is my people, my extended family, and without them, I would not even exist.

Today is a day to remember our history.

The blood that our ancestors shed.

It is a day to remember the vision that the Founding Fathers had for this nation: A New Rome.

A place where the best white men of good character came together, to build the most powerful engine of creation that the world has ever seen.

But as we celebrate that history, we must also mourn the present. One cannot be done without the other. For if we believe in the greatness America was, then we must mourn her fall from grace.

We must mourn that we have been invaded by wild, blood-drinking animals.

We must mourn that our children are being turned into faggots by a Jewish soul-grinding machine.

We must mourn that the freedoms we once had have been stripped from us by a corrupted, evil reverse version of the American ideal.

We must mourn that our people – OUR PEOPLE – have had the meaning within their lives stripped from them, their divine purpose ripped from them, by a Jewish system of pointless consumerist goods

We must mourn that we were given everything, the chance to become gods, and that this was flushed down the toilet in exchange for plastic Chinese crap, pornography and Marvel Comics films.

But more than mourning, we must become angry.

And we must seek revenge against those who have aggressed against us and our people, who have defiled the names of our ancestors.

The only way to truly honor our ancestors, our grandfathers and their grandfathers before them, is to fight to the death to restore this nation to what it was created to be: A New Rome.

The height of culture, of intellect, of scientific innovation.

The capital of the earth, and ultimately the capital of the galaxy.

The blood of the men who conquered this land, who drove out the savages and built cities grander than any the world had ever know, still flows through our veins.


We are a unique people, with a unique destiny.

America is not an idea. It is not a philosophy. It is a nation of men and women, who conquered a land and made it ours.

The generation that gave everything away had no right to do this. It didn’t belong to them. It was given to them for safekeeping, and it was their sacred duty to give it to us, that we may give it to our own progeny.

But it has been given away, and we must now take it back.

All we have to is bring our people together, and to stand up together.

To claim what is ours.

We have the numbers.

Our past exists. And it is our inspiration.

But our duty to our ancestors is to look to the future.

To imagine what this nation can be.

And the people of this nation are the greatest on earth. We can make this nation into whatever we want it to be.

All it takes is the will to do so.

God bless America.

Hail Victory.