It’s Over, Pewds. You Must Now Become Your Destiny.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 16, 2017

There is blood in the water.

Pewds apologized for saying nigger, and now the Jews are moving in.

There is no way off of this ride, PewDiePie.

Either you embrace the velocity, or you get your flesh ripped from your bones by it.

You cannot be forgiven for saying nigger, and you cannot remain culturally relevant if you keep groveling like a bitch.

You have a role to play in history. To help us save the white race.

Do some deep thinking, PewDiePie.

And look around London.

And ask yourself how you want to be remembered after you die.

Because we all die, Felix.

Eventually, we will all die.

The people are ready to stand with you. You realize that Generation Zyklon gives zero fucks. And everyone thought that apology video was gay.

Even the niggers themselves don’t care you said that, other than maybe Deray. The average nigger does not. The only person that did was that Jew. And other Jews. And that is only because they remember when you went against them.

The SPLC has said they want you off of YouTube. So far, there is nothing the SPLC has wanted that they have not gotten eventually.

If you keep apologizing, you audience will hate you and you will still get kicked off.

You just can’t say nigger in current year, Felix.

Choose wisely.

This is your life.

Remember that you will die. And the only thing that will remain of you is what you did.