It’s the Homosexuals Doing the Homosexualism – Not Christianity

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 4, 2019

For over 15 years now, the media has been attacking the Catholic Church over its “handling” of homosexuals within its midst, primarily in relation to clergy members doing pederasty on altar boys.

The latest top news item is out of Buffalo, New York, where a bishop resigned after years of being accused of covering up the actions of homosexuals.

There are several other running stories about the evil Church and its evil… homosexuality.

To be clear, I’m not going to defend anyone in the Catholic Church hierarchy, specifically. Based on revelations by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò last year, it seems that “Pope” Francis himself is involved in this homosexual conspiracy.

Shocker of shockers, I know.

The issue that I have is that Catholicism as an institution, and not homosexuality as an institution, is being blamed for the homosexuality.

The Catholic Church has been infiltrated and taken over by homosexuals. All of the people involved in covering up the homosexuality – which often involved moving priests from one diocese to another, after they’d been caught buggering boys – appear to themselves be homosexuals.

So what you have is the most important institution in European history becoming a den of faggotry due to a systematic infiltration and subversion operation by the gay mafia. And yet the institution that was subverted – instead of the subverters – is taking the blame.

In actual fact, the Jewish media won’t even use the term “homosexuality” in describing the behavior of the priests. No, instead they invented a new definition for the term “pedophilia,” and said that the homosexuals running the Church are not homosexuals but “pedophiles.”

The actual technical definition of “pedophile” is “attraction to prepubescent children.” All of these altar boys are pubescent. Never before was homosexual men preying on teenage boys referred to as “pedophilia” – it was always just referred to as “homosexuality.”

We have the records of that.

They invented the new term to say that these were a separate group from the mainstream homosexuals. And then the Jewish media managed to blame their oldest enemy in the Catholic Church for the behavior of a group that they love and celebrate as paragons – priests, even – of the new morality.

It was an impressive switcheroo, I will tell you that. Perhaps the greatest switcheroo in the entire history of switcheroos.

The media is literally able to go out there and use the global agenda of the homosexual movement – something which was nurtured by the Jews themselves – to condemn Christianity itself.

You have to give the Jews credit, I suppose.