Ivanka Backstabs Father and God Emperor, Cozies Up to Lying Jew Press

Roy Batty and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2018

God damn.

Was there ever a bigger glaring weak spot in a sitting president than this meddling, mewling daughter of Trump’s?

She gave an interview recently where she decided to try and get the media’s approval back.

I haven’t watched the full interview yet, but this appears to be the highlight.


Ivanka Trump said at an Axios event on Thursday that she doesn’t view the media as the “enemy of the people,” breaking with President Trump’s repeated public statements.

Why it matters: Ivanka noted that she herself has been the subject of stories she knows to be false, but that she doesn’t believe the media is the enemy.

Look, the media absolutely is the enemy.

The media constantly takes shot at Trump, has called for his overthrow and for harm to be done to his person and to his family.

They have been the biggest force behind this whole entire insane Russia hoax, lying nonstop, making up all kinds of bullshit with fake “anonymous sources” – none of this Mueller kookspiracy would be possible with the fake news media.

But Ivanka doesn’t seem to care, probably because she no longer sees herself as part of the Trump family team effort.

She really thinks that she can cozy up to the jew media by doing….what exactly?

See, that’s the question, isn’t it? They’re going to want something from her. Possibly a public denouncement…or perhaps something far more sinister. She’s going to have to work overtime to get back in their good graces, isn’t she?

That might mean taking a more active role in undermining her father. She already got Bannon kicked out for calling her “dumber than a pile of bricks” or something lulzy. And only stupid people get upset at attacks aimed at their intelligence – just FYI. Besides, Bannon was clearly on the money with this one.

Frankly, this scenario seems so glaringly obvious to me, it’s a crying shame that no one is pointing this out.

So I guess I will.

Look out, President Trump. That Ivanka is up to no good. She’s become a golem for the kikes, and they’re going to use her against you…one way or another.

I know it hurts to hear this…but she’s a chick first and foremost, and that means she cares what her peers and the media thinks of her.

She also used to be a model, and that means she’s got huge confidence issues.

She’s a ticking time bomb.

We need to get her OUT OUT OUT.

Let her go back to New York and mingle with her New York friends. Accept a public denunciation, and say “me and my daughter have different views, and that’s okay. She’s my daughter, I love her more than anything in the world, I will always love her no matter what, but we disagree on politics so she’s leaving Washington and we’re going to keep up our great family relationship and just not talk about politics together anymore.”



She’ll be happier, you’ll be happier, and America will be safe from the threat that she is presently presenting to the stability of the Trump empire.

Please, Mr. President.

Ask the rest of the family.

Ask Eric, Don Jr. and Melania.

I think you can even ask Tiffany (though I wouldn’t put much in that, I do think she’d side with the rest of the fam).

And ask Baron.

After all, it’s he who will be Emperor some day.

If a family poll was done, she would get voted off the island.

We love Trump so much, we love his family. But Ivanka… she’s becoming a big problem.

And it has to be America First.

Furthermore, she risks damaging the rest of the family. We want a legacy. A dynasty. We want to install a line of American Kings. And she risks that.