Ivanka Trump Dissolves Her Fashion Brand

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2018

Donald Trump is effectively the perfect human being.

But he has a couple of personal issues, which we know of.

He has less issues than most people. For sure.

Actually, I’m starting to think that the sex scandals with the Stormy bitch and that other bitch might in fact have been faked by his kike lawyer and other Jews. So that might not even be an issue he has. But he has had affairs before, and that is a character flaw.

A bigger issue is his relationship with his daughter. I love that he loves his kids so much, but she is just really a complete libshit, and she is married to this horrible Jew.

Anyway, she wanted the prestige of being the first daughter, but she’s a Democrat with a top shitjew criminal husband, so she isn’t getting any praise from the people she likes, and the other half of the country – the half that supports Trump – dislikes her because they (correctly) view her and her Jew as the liberal influencer of Trump’s policies.

So she’s in a hard spot, and he’s in a hard spot because he loves his daughter and doesn’t want to see her upset.

Anyway, she just closed up her fashion brand.


Following streams of criticisms about potential conflicts of interest and a handful of protests, Ivanka Trump is shuttering her fashion brand.

Roughly one year ago, the president’s daughter stopped working directly with the company to serve as a senior advisor at the White House.

The brand’s 18 employees were informed Tuesday that the business would be ending for good. Ivanka said she was hoping to avoid any potential conflicts of interest in the future and focus on her role in Washington. She said she doesn’t know if she will ever go back to working in fashion.

“When we first started this brand, no one could have predicted the success that we would achieve,” Ivanka said in an emailed statement to CNBC. “After 17 months in Washington, I do not know when or if I will ever return to the business, but I do know that my focus for the foreseeable future will be the work I am doing here in Washington, so making this decision now is the only fair outcome for my team and partners.”

The Ivanka Trump brand — which sells clothing and accessories including handbags, perfume and high heels — saw strong sales growth after its inception in 2014, current President Abigail Klem said. It had recently rolled out an e-commerce platform to capture shoppers moving online.

But with President Donald Trump in the White House, critics of her father’s politics have put Ivanka’s brand at the center of boycotts and other protests. The brand was notably pulled from Nordstrom and Hudson’s Bay in recent months, with those department store chains citing poor sales performance.

I think her and her Jew should just distance themselves from the President.

They should go back to New York. They could even apologize for having supported the evil Hitler man, get back in their trendy circles.

But her Jew can’t do that, because he’s supposed to be the Israeli agent whispering in Trump’s ear, telling him to bomb Moslems and so on.

When Bibi comes to the US, he literally sleeps at Ivanka and Jared’s place.

I dunno.

She never looks happy at all.

Maybe Ivanka can nag Jared to leave Washington and denounce Trump more successfully than she’s been able to nag Trump to like, be nicer to brown bean children or meaner to brown kebab children.

They could even campaign for Elizabeth Warren or whoever. That would be good for us. Everyone would be happy. Trump might be a little bit sad, and we don’t want the big guy sad, but you know – the fate of mankind is more important than the fate of Ivanka’s social life.

Trump still has full support of all his sons and his other daughter.

Most importantly, he has the full support of his most important son…

He whom we will someday call Muad’Dib.