Iyad Albattikhi, Who Raped, Murdered and Ate a Little White Girl, Wants His Name Off of Google

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2016


Iyad Albattikhi

Iyad Albattikhi, a kebab shop owner occupying Britain who was recorded saying he raped 13-year-old White girl Charlene Downes, killed her, put her in a meat-grinder and made her into kebab, has complained to Google that he wants his name removed from searches.

The Daily Stormer received a notice that some of our URLs will be blocked on European Google searches.


This name-removal program is the result of a “right to be forgotten” law that Europe passed a couple years ago. They took Google to court to force them to comply, to remove from their engines articles which people found defamatory.


The kebab shop where Charlene Downes was chopped up and fed to unsuspecting customers. Presumably other girls who were raped were tricked into eating pieces of Charlene. And British courts let him get away with this, after he was recorded admitting to it, because otherwise it would have been racist.

After the Charlene Downes case, Albattikhi, a native of Jordan, was charged with assault on another teenage girl in 2011, and was convicted.
Lancanshire Telegraph:

A BLACKBURN man linked to the disappearance of a schoolgirl eight years ago has been jailed.

Jordanian takeaway owner Iyad Albattikhi, 34 was found guilty of assaulting another teenager by headbutting her.

He was sentenced to 20 weeks custody and given a two-year restraining order.

Albattikhi had been living in Blackburn and running Funnyboyz – now Mr Beanz – when 13-year-old Charlene Downes went missing in 2003. She has never been found.

Albattikhi was charged with her murder and his landlord and business partner Mohammed Raveshi was charged with assisting an offender.

But after a jury failed to reach a verdict in a first trial in May 2007, the case collapsed ahead of a retrial.

A subsequent IPCC investigation was critical of Lancashire Constabulary’s handling of the case, exposing a ‘series of failings’ in the management and integrity of audio and video material, records, transcriptions and the use of ‘untrained and inexperienced officers’.

Internal disciplinary action against officers involved in the investigation is still ongoing.

The 18-year-old victim in this case was the Blackburn man’s former girlfriend and the court heard she was lured into a lifestyle of drink and drugs.

She tried to leave the premises after a row but Albattikhi assaulted her in the street and tried to tamper with the CCTV.

Albattikhi was bailed for pre-sentence reports. He had denied the assault and was convicted after trial.

Also in 2011, it was discovered that Albattikhi was involved in a grooming ring, using “honeypot” kebab stands to lure in young victims.


The Telegraph:

Officers investigating the unsolved disappearance of Charlene Downes in Blackpool in 2003 discovered that dozens more 13 to 15 year old girls from the area had fallen victim to grooming or sexual abuse, it was claimed.

An unpublished police report identified 11 takeaway shops in the town centre which were being used as “honeypots” where the non-white men preyed on young white victims, who were given food, alcohol and cigarettes in return for sex.

The report said: “Young people were being groomed and sexually assaulted both inside and outside of premises by a number of takeaway owners and workers.”

Earlier this year a Home Office inquiry was launched amid reports of a similar trend of crime across the north of England and the Midlands involving gangs of mainly Muslim men and young girls.

Andy Rhodes, assistant chief constable of Lancashire Police, was quoted as saying that while offenders come from a variety of backgrounds, “in some areas the number of Asian offenders is disproportionate to the population”.

The man literally got away with murder. And untold abuses of little White girls.

He is on tape saying he did it.

And now he wants this cleared from the internet.

As such, I am hereby calling on the Stormer Troll Army to make sure this man is never forgotten.

In order to do that, make sure that his name appears in as many URLs as possible. Make free Blogger and WordPress sites devoted to him, which contain his name in the title. Make Twitter and Facebook posts about him.

They are going to keep blocking these URLs if he keeps filing these requests, but we can simply keep making new articles about him, ensuring that the world is forever aware of what this evil predator was doing to our people.

For the evil Moslem bastard Iyad Albattikhi is representative of all Moslems in our lands. They are all part of the same group, which has the same agenda: to overrun us, to conquer us, to rape our women and force us into submission.

But we are stronger than they know.


Hail Victory.