@jack Says the N-Word, Endorses Hitler – Claims He was Hacked

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2019

Somehow, every single time someone posts “nigger” or endorses Adolf Hitler and calls for Jews to be gassed, their account has been “hacked.”

This seems like a very convenient excuse.

NBC News:

The official Twitter account of Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of the social media platform, was hacked on Friday.

One of the first tweets sent from his “compromised” account was the N-word. Another, sent minutes later, praised Hitler.

More than a dozen racist or otherwise offensive original tweets were sent within 20 minutes from the account.

Among the tweets was a link to a message board on the chat service Discord. The users in the chat had spelled out “DONALD TRUMP” in emojis on one of the boards. Some of the users in the chat claimed they were attempting to rifle through Dorsey’s private direct messages while they still had access to the account, but found the task too hard to manage.

Look at this excuse:

Firstly, this is NOT the old SMS bug – that was fixed a long time ago. They are talking about something different, which I do not understand.

Are they saying that the mobile company was hacked? Does that seem likely? Or does it seem more likely that @jack was drunk or on mushrooms and decided to redpill the goyim, before quickly regretting it?

Or maybe his gay lover decided to drop these bombs?

Anything seems more likely than “they hacked the cellphone company.”

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