Japs Angry Joe Biden Admitted US Wrote the Japanese Constitution

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 18, 2016

This Biden is a huge liability. It’s pretty incredible he didn’t do more damage to Obama than he has.

He’s now a liability to Clinton, saying things he’s not supposed to say while campaigning for her.

He’s hilarious though.


US Vice-President Joe Biden made a remark slamming Donald Trump, but ended up in deep water with Japan instead, saying that the US “wrote Japan’s constitution.” His comment was slammed as “arrogant”, “wrong”, and “insensitive” in Japan and beyond.

Biden’s remark came at a speech in Pennsylvania on Monday, referring to Donald Trump’s earlier statement: if Japan doesn’t cash in to keep the US presence in East Asia, it may be forced to defend itself without Washington’s assistance, and maybe even have its own nuclear weapons.

So Biden lashed out at those words, saying that “he [Trump] talks cavalierly about encouraging other nations … to develop nuclear weapons.”

“Where was he when in school?” Biden asked. “Someone who lacks this judgment cannot be trusted,” he said. “He’s not qualified to know the [nuclear] codes.”

“Does he not understand we wrote Japan’s constitution to say they couldn’t be a nuclear power?” he added.

Japan’s Foreign Ministry refused to comment on Biden’s remark, but referred to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s statement of March 2015, in which he said that the constitution had been written by occupying forces over a short period of time.

Japan’s constitution was adopted in 1947, and was indeed compiled under the US occupation that started after WWII.

US authorities made the first draft and edited it following consultations with Japanese officials. The document was then approved by the Diet, the Japanese parliament.

Abe is attempting to alter this US-written Constitution and reinstate the country’s ability to have a military. I support this, of course. There’s no reason we should be telling the Japs what to do like they’re some nation of backward savages.

Jews hate the Japs because they’re highly nationalistic. This is why I like them.

Also, anime.