Jared Kushner’s Middle East Peace Plan Doesn’t Seem Like It’s Going to Work Too Well

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 9, 2019

Jared Kushner’s Middle East peace plan doesn’t seem to be very peace-oriented.

I’m honestly not even sure why this is a thing. They can keep taking the land. No one is stopping them from taking the land. What is the point of saying “we’re going to do a peace plan”?


Tel Aviv has a right to annex certain parts of the West Bank, a US envoy to Israel said as Donald Trump’s much-touted Middle East peace plan was rejected by the Palestinians.

“Under certain circumstances,” Israel “has the right to retain some, but unlikely all, of the West Bank,” David Friedman told the New York Times in an interview published on Saturday.

For years, Israeli right-wing politicians had been proposing to formally annex parts of the West Bank containing Israeli settlements, which are illegal under international law. The Palestinians vehemently oppose this move, saying that it will render a two-state solution impossible.

During the re-election campaign in April, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised that Israel will annex the settlements sometime in the future. The US did not previously support these plans outright. But, speaking to the New York Times, envoy Friedman said that he does not want “to prejudge” Israel if it indeed extends its sovereignty to some portions of the West Bank.

His words come as Palestinian officials firmly rejected the peace plan brokered by President Donald Trump and Jared Kushner, his senior adviser and son-in-law. The plan, which is yet to be officially revealed, reportedly calls for splitting the West Bank, leaving “a smaller share” to the Palestinians.

The Palestinians, however, insist that any transfer of land to Israel is unacceptable. Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority, blasted Donald Trump’s plan, wishing it “go to hell.”

When Kushner was first talking about this, he was shilling a kind of “Greater Israel” agenda, where they would remove some of the restrictions on the Palestinians in the West Bank but increase Jewish influence.

He said he was going to eliminate borders.

That actually made some sense. I mean it did to me, because I know what Greater Israel is, but I can’t imagine it made sense to anyone else.

But allowing Palestinians freer movement, allowing access to Jerusalem, maybe even letting them have official government buildings there, and allowing them to keep some of their homes in exchange for tolerating Jews moving in is feasible, possibly, if they can stop terrorism without the current level of brutality and apartheid.

But just saying “oh we’re keeping the settlements, sorry” – this isn’t really a genuine attempt at a peace deal, and it just makes no sense why you would even be making it a thing.

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  1. The same point there has always been to proposed “peace plans”. To get the Palestinians to give up their legal claims in return for a handful of horseshit. It would allow them to “keep taking the land” without the restraints of international complaint, and faster.

    Specifically, the jews have always been about trying to trick the Palestinians into officially and legally “recognizing the right of Israel to exist” but without the kikes ever having to specify what Israel actually is.

    That is something Israel never wants to do since it has always, since its founding, been intended to expand to encompass all of Lebanon, all of Jordan, parts of Syria and Iraq, a plan which Likud has even admitted hasn’t been given up.

  2. Looks like Jared needs to devote 100% of his efforts to this project. Maybe he should just stay over there full-time.

  3. It’s simply a cry out while striking your enemy tactic. Except now they’re crying out for peace as they lob rockets towards the Palestinians. Just more kikery. They’re doing this for optics with the rest of the world.

  4. this is ridiculous, it is like a load of harry potter-loving chinese claiming parts of the UK because they think the book is about them

  5. I fucking hate it when leftist anti-Zionists or faggots like Dugin say that this goes against the Jewish religion because of some homeletic, non legally binding line in the Talmud, ignoring the clearly expressed commandments in the Torah and the entire history of Rabbinical thought. Even anti-Zionist purity spiralers like Neturei Karta believe in driving everyone else from the land and enslaving all the goyim, just only after moshiach arrives. As if Judaism is really a religion of peace. That’s not The REAL Judaism. The real Judaism has never been tried before!

  6. Just getting them to specify what Israel is, to start discussions, is actually a kill shot for the Palestinians.

  7. It’s so funny really- as anti-Semites are literally the only people on Earth right now (besides some of the Jews in-the-know like Kushner of course) who actually understand fully what is happening here…

    Everybody else from leftists to normie-cons to neo-Cohns to libertarians to people who aren’t even political in any way in all different countries are to some degree falling for this kikery on some level right now… And it just makes me sick how the truth is outlawed… You literally cannot say what is the truth in our modern world because the Jews have everyone already walking on pins and needles in order to not get called an Auntie Semite…

    Most people assume there is at least a small bit of honesty in what the Jews are trying to do in the Middle East, but we are literally the only people on Earth who realize that there isn’t even the smallest part of them engaging in any form of constructive dialogue or honest debate… It’s all just mass-deception and theater…

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