Jason Isbell Tries Feebly to Defend Cuckold “White Privilege” Song

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2018

Jason Isbell used to be a pretty cool guy.

As a member of the Drive-By Truckers and then as a solo artist, he sang songs about white people having problems, in a time when everyone is pretending that we only exist to harm others and are all living in gigantic palaces whipping niggers on our plantations.

Whatever you think of the rock/pop/country sound of the music, he was effectively the only popular musician talking about the poverty in the South that resulted from the removal of the factories and mining industry, and the rampant substance abuse that followed. He is from Appalachia, and was legitimately concerned, it seemed, about the troubles of the people there. He often connected the experiences of Appalachian people to his own experiences as a kid and as an adult with substance abuse issues.

Last year, he released an album, “The Nashville Sound,” which had a bunch of cuckoldry in it.

Most prominent was the song “White Man’s World,” which is an apology for being white and having white privilege.

“Hope the High Road” was also very cucky.

Here he says: “I used to think that this was my town, what a stupid thing to think … I used to wanna be a real man, I don’t know what that even means.”

Why would a town you lived in and grew up in not be “yours”? Who else would it belong to? Somalians?

I’ll tell you: Columbus, Ohio IS MY TOWN – it does not belong to Somalians, and some day it will be liberated from them. It is not a stupid thing to think. This is called the most basic duty of men – to protect their homes from invading forces.

But I guess Jason no longer knows what it means to be a “real man.”

And how can you not know what it means to be a real man? Why would you not want to be a real man? Would you prefer to be a tranny? Or just a cuckold who refuses to defend his own home and people?

Furthermore, in “Hope,” he defines the new direction of the album: “I’ve heard enough of the white man’s blues, I’ve sang enough about myself, so if you’re looking for some bad news, you can find it somewhere else.”

This is effectively telling his fanbase: “fuck off, I am done talking about your issues, I live in Nashville now, I don’t give a shit about your hillbilly no-job oxycontin problems.”

He did include one song on the album for his old fans, “Cumberland Gap,” which goes against his statement that he was done talking about white people’s issues and doesn’t want to give anyone any “bad news.”

It is a very good poem to the WHITE people of the South who have lost their coal-mining jobs and turned to alcohol and fatalism.

“Last of My Kind” wasn’t too bad either.

He must have cut these tracks before he decided to go full SJW.

If I was going to blame anyone for this situation, I would blame his new wife, Amanda Shires, who moved him to Nashville and filled his head with feminine ideas.

She is very attractive.

And he has these beta tendencies, which are very clear from his persona, which appears to be very genuine. It is so easy for a woman to take a man with beta orientation and flip him all around. They are such vicious creatures, women.

Truly, they are designed to suck the lifeforce out of men, to leave them as hollow shells.

Isbell recently got into a Twitter exchange with a conservative commenter, for which he is getting celebrated by the likes of Rolling Stone.

DC McAllister, after attending one of his shows in Charlotte, North Carolina, told him this.

To which he responded.

She then commented again, replying to his reply.

To which he responded.

I don’t think she was “trolling,” Jason.

I think she was just expressing the view of the overwhelming majority of your fanbase: we liked that you were speaking about issues which affect a forgotten group of people: working class white people. We feel somewhat betrayed that you’ve decided to condemn us – and yourself – by embracing the idea that we are victimizers of colored people.

The idea that jobless alcoholic opioid addicts in Appalachia have “white privilege” is fundamentally deranged, and is an assault on on of the single most disenfranchised population on the planet. Certainly the single most disenfranchised in the developed world (unless you consider South Africa “the developed world,” which it really isn’t anymore).

As far as singing the song for your WHITE daughter – did you sing it to condemn her to rape and murder at the hands of mobs of violent brown people? Or just to let her know that there are new people coming in, and she’s going to have to get out of the way?

How does a song about white people being privileged in America speak to your daughter, who is going to live her life as a hated minority in the nation that OUR – mine and yours, Jason – ancestors built?

Dear Jason,

Assuming you are reading this – most celebrities I write about do tend to read the articles, out of some fascination as to what a “Neo-Nazi” thinks of them – I want to say that regardless of whatever Wikipedia says about me, I am not a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist,” nor do I even know what that term means.

I am a white American man who loves the country I grew up in – a country which my two grandfathers, both of which were from Appalachia, worked themselves to death to build for me. Your grandfathers did the same for you, Jason. And maybe you should spend some time thinking about what those two men would have thought of your “white privilege” advocacy.

Think about that. At least. Think of the struggles that these men went through for you – and for your daughter. And for whatever children she might some day have.

And perhaps more importantly: think about the world you are going to leave to your daughter. She is going to be a hated minority in this country. And I am not joking or “trolling” when I tell you that the likelihood of her being raped and murdered by these people that you are defending is extremely high.

Look at South Africa and understand that this is what it looks like to be a white minority in a majority nonwhite country.

Think of what you are taking from your own daughter and your own potential grandchildren.

And ask yourself if that is “moral.”


Good job getting clean and getting in shape, man.

You look great.