Jealous Old Women: Mowing Down Ex’s Younger Girlfriend, Separating Stepfather from Stepdaughter

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 30, 2019

This old woman:

Mowed down this less old woman:

Because she couldn’t stand her ex having a newer fronthole.

Daily Mail:

A British woman has been handed a two-year suspended jail sentence after confessing to mowing down her ex’s girlfriend with a rental car in Magaluf.

Kemi Coaker, 30, from Manchester admitted running over Meghan Tattersall, 25, from Leeds, after a plea bargain deal at a court in Majorca on Tuesday.

Kemi was arrested in May last year on suspicion of trying to kill Meghan in a hate-fuelled hit-and-run after the younger woman started dating her ex Andrew Coaker, 41, from Reading.

Younger women are women’s archenemies.

Being replaced by a younger iteration with tighter collagen may be women’s worst nightmare, for two main reasons.

First: it rubs in their face the fact that they can’t seduce or manipulate their way out of the passing of time. They compare their younger self to their younger adversary and this reminds them of their younger days, of the decisions they’ve made and how those decisions affected their present situation.

It forces them to confront the fact that they made choices and that those choices had consequences, and women are biologically averse to responsibility.

Second: women are predatory animals with perky tits and blushing cheeks instead of claws and fangs. Once they set their tits on a target, they’ll fight off any other predators threatening to take their prey away. In this case, she mowed down another predator that wanted to take the bloody carcass she was feeding on.

Women won’t let go of their prey until they’ve finished eating it.

To better understand this dynamic, consider the following post written by a man in Reddit’s “Am I the Asshole?” community.

From the post:

I was with my ex for seven years. At the time she had a 2-year old, and when we split, her daughter was 9 years old. She called me dad pretty quickly, plus we all lived together. I thought we’d become a family proper through marriage eventually but obviously things didn’t pan out and we split. It was amicable and we’re still friends.

Her daughter is 14 now and still calls me dad. My ex hasn’t started dating again but I’m engaged to my soon-to-be-wife. We all get along but my fiancee doesn’t like that kiddo calls me dad. I’m not her dad, biologically or otherwise, but I was a father figure for seven years (and even beyond this, I still kept involved in her life).

My fiancee wants me to put the kibosh on this because it makes her uncomfortable. We want to start a family of our own soon and my fiancee wants my undivided attention on our child. I can see her point and where she’s coming from although I’m indifferent to the whole dad situation: if she calls me dad, whatever, and if she doesn’t, then also whatever. I’m not her dad but it’s ultimately not up to me or my ex or my fiancee what she calls me, it’s up to her. But I must relent to my fiancee’s wishes because my family should be prioritized, right?

I’m going to have a sitdown with my ex and her daughter and split ties to focus on my own family. But would I be the arsehole? I’d still maintain contact because I’m very much still connected to my ex and her daughter, I just want the “dad” to stop to avoid friction with my eventual wife.

The man’s fiancée is uncomfortable with the fact that a super-fertile 14-year-old with no blood ties to her prey calls him “daddy.” The thought of his stepdaughter sitting on his lap and positioning her predator breasts close to her prey drives her insane.

It’s obviously not about her wanting his “undivided attention” on their own child.

It’s about her preventing what she sees as competition from grabbing a piece of the pie.

They’re so obsessed with tighter and younger that they attempt magic rituals to gain perky tits in an attempt to stay on top of the competition.

“This subliminal contains affirmations. For best results, listen 4-6 tmes [sic] a day. This will give you perky breasts, small nipples and areolas.”

They’re willing to do anything.

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