Jeff Sessions Explains All This Nonsense on Tucker Carlson

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared on Tucker Carlson last night to explain his position in all of this retarded nonsense surrounding the fake scandal against him organized by the filthy Jews.

This is exactly where he should have gone. Carlson is our official TV guy.

Sessions’ explanation of all of this was perfectly sensible and reasonable, on every level. Just as his press conference was.

He’s keeping to the line that he was already planning to recuse himself.

Fox News:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in an exclusive interview Thursday that conversations between him and the Russian ambassador to the U.S. had been “hyped beyond reason” by the media and criticism of them was “unfair.”

“I don’t believe anybody that was in that meeting would have seen or believed I said one thing that was improper or unwise,” Sessions told host Tucker Carlson. “It was really a sad thing to be attacked like that, but I think we’ve explained it and we intend to move forward.”

Sessions spoke to Fox News hours after he recused himself from “any existing or future investigations” regarding the 2016 presidential campaign. Lawmakers from both parties had pressed Sessions to step away from an ongoing probe into Moscow meddling during last year’s race for the White House.

Sessions has repeatedly denied meeting with Russian officials or operatives while a surrogate for then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign. He testified during his confirmation hearing in January that he had no “communications” with Russia during the campaign, an answer he later said was “honest and correct.”

However, Sessions also said Thursday that he would submit a supplement to the record of his hearing that would cover his conversations with Russian envoy Sergey Kislyak

The attorney general told Carlson that he had intended to announce he was recusing himself from any investigation of the Trump campaign’s connections with Russian figures even before the Washington Post revealed his meetings with Kislyak Wednesday night.

“I believe I should recuse myself,” Sessions said, “because I was involved in the campaign to a degree [that] I think [it] would have been perceived that I wouldn’t be objective[ly] participating in an investigation that might involve the campaign.”

Sessions added that his recusal was “not an admission of any wrongdoing” and said that he had acted “exactly correctly” in the matter.

In the interview, Sessions detailed his two encounters last year with Kislyak, one of which happened during the Republican Convention in Cleveland this past July.

“I spoke at the Republican convention at a conference with some 50 ambassadors,” Sessions recalled. “After I spoke, I walked down from the podium and mingled with a number of people and we met at that occasion and had a chat, and I left shortly thereafter.”

Sessions said the other, more involved discussion with Kislyak took place Sept. 8 in his office and was one of several meetings he took with foreign ambassadors as a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

I don’t know.

I would have went to war over the recusal (recusement?).

Even if they were already planning to do it, after this news came out, I would have refused. And they probably weren’t already planning to do it.

I mean, at least he didn’t resign. So maybe it’s a win.

I don’t know.

We just need to make sure the independent investigator is actually independent – that is to say, not a Jew and not surrounded by Jews. The Jews are pressing this issue so hard, it feels like they have some kind of plan for this investigator. Some kind of plan that they believe will lead to impeachment.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.