Jennifer Lawrence’s Insane Behavior Illustrates Why We Need White Sharia Now!

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 16, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence’s life is quite the mess. She would definitely benefit by living under White Sharia doctrine!

Jennifer Lawrence is currently one of the most highly paid actresses in Jew run Hollywood. She is a reflection of today’s generation of 20-something women.

So what does a strong independent career woman whose made millions of dollars do in her spare time?

Apparently she gets drunk in bars and physically assaults beta male cuckolds who ask her for photos.

USA Today:

Jennifer Lawrence stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday and shared some unexpected news: She once got into a bar fight in Budapest.

It all started when a man asked Lawrence for a selfie, which she turned down. But he insisted, saying his girlfriend would never believe he had met the mother! star.

“My girlfriend was like, ‘If your girlfriend won’t believe you then she’s not the one,'” Lawrence said.

But when she and her friend asked the man to leave them alone, he got a little angry and started using bad language.

“Something in me just snapped,” said Lawrence, who then grabbed the man and dumped beer on him.

After all that, her friend reminded her not to waste beer.

“I instantly relaxed,” Lawrence said. “I was like, ‘Of course. What was I thinking?’

I’m sure it must have been very empowering for her to pour beer on someone like that.

Here’s the clip of her describing the incident with the part-Jew Seth Meyers. The bitch looks and sounds like she’s developed an alcohol problem.

We must remember that there was once a time when it was socially unacceptable for the average woman to be in a bar or a saloon getting drunk. Generally speaking, the only type of woman who you would find in these places were prostitutes. So what does that say about the average woman today who goes to bars getting drunk? It says that they’re whores. They’re just whores who are too stupid to charge for their whoring.

Lawrence is at the peak of her sex appeal. She could theoretically land almost any single man she wants. But instead, she chooses to engage in pointless debauchery. She’s also had quite the run on the cock carousel judging from her dating history. A hack of her personal photos also revealed her to be quite the perverted slut.

She’s currently in a relationship with the kike Darren Aronofsky who directed the new film Mother! that she stars in. The film looks like a complete piece of shit and has been panned by critics.

She’s also said that she doesn’t want kids.

And she’s even said that the recent hurricanes that struck the United States were mother nature’s wrath for Donald J. Drumpf getting elected President. PewDiePie raked her over the coals for that in one of his recent videos.

Long story short, Lawrence is a case study of what happens to White women if they are given freedom. They’re incapable of handling it and they go insane. Lawrence has devolved into an alcoholic whore who is now banging a crazy kike movie director. She’s gone completely out of her mind. Not even fame and fortune spares a female from going nuts if they are given freedom.

If White Sharia were codified into law, Lawrence would have never developed any of these problems. She would have been married off by her father in her late teens or early 20s and be raising children by now. Either that or she’d be locked up in a cage while chained to a very large immovable object.

Lawrence’s insanity proves the case for White Sharia. There is simply no denying that this is what is needed to bring order back to society.