Jesuit Priest Expels Mudmanoid From School, Gets Sacrificed to Mud God

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
August 12, 2018

Huwhitey keeps forgetting that just like not everything that shines is gold, not every biped that talks is human.

The Local:

A Spanish Jesuit priest was stabbed to death at a school he ran in an Amazon village in Peru, his religious order and news reports said.

The body of Carlos Riudavets Montes, 73, was found with his hands bound and several stab wounds, RPP radio said.

Carlos Riudavests.

They probably drank his blood.

It’s the kind of thing mudmanoids do.

The school provided class for children of an ethnic group called the Yamakai-Entsa.

The priest, who had lived in the Amazon region for 38 years, had been threatened by a student who was expelled from the school, Diure said.

Yeah, expelling a primitive mudmanoid from an important group it belongs to is probably not the best idea. Keep in mind they are still living in the jungle, where their tribe means everything to them. Being ostracized is like a death sentence for them.

I’m not justifying what happened. Not for a second.


What did he expect? What did you expect?

Did someone expect that the mud “people” would get civilized? Did you think that they would understand the creative will in your blood?

Did you think that they’d get closer to the light?

They can’t see it.

They won’t see it.

Stop trying.

Leave them alone.

Don’t get near them.

Let them be.

Keep them as far away from you and from your people as possible.