Jew Adam Schiff Should Be Investigated for Colluding with Russia

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
February 11, 2018

This is the face of a guilty man. The Jew Adam Schiff seems to have been inventing hoaxes about Donald Trump colluding with Russia to conceal his own collusion with Russians.

The Jew Adam Schiff has been one of the central figures pushing this hoax about Donald Trump colluding with Russia. This hoax saga has continued, despite the fact that there has been zero evidence presented, proving that Trump or his presidential campaign conspired to do anything with Russia.

What’s funny about this is that there’s actually more evidence showing Schiff colluding with Russia than Trump colluding with Russia. Schiff appeared on the Russian television network RT back in 2013. During the appearance, he talked about how the House Intelligence Committee should ensure that the government is not abusing the FISA court system. He argued for more transparency which is the exact opposite of what he’s been arguing for in the past few months or so. He along with his fellow Democrats on the committee voted against releasing the memo that exposed widespread abuses of the system. He went from demanding transparency to being completely against transparency over this course of time. It’s quite possible that the Russians put him up to this.

Tucker Carlson pointed out the hypocrisy of this on his show earlier in the week.

Not only do we have Schiff doing an interview with a Russian television network known for spreading pro-Russian propaganda, but he got caught trying to obtain naked Trump photos from Russians. It was ultimately a prank call, but his eagerness to obtain information that would help bring down the democratically elected government of the United States raises many questions. This is especially disturbing considering the fact that the people he was talking with were Russians. It’s also highly probable that these Russian pranksters were directly working for Vladimir Putin.

So this Jew Schiff not only did an interview with a Russian propaganda outlet but actively sought to undermine the United States government during a phone call with Russians. This is not looking good for Schiff.

Since protecting our democracy from the Russians has been the most important national security issue of the past couple of years, Schiff needs to be immediately investigated. We have evidence in the public domain that he has been actively colluding with Russians.

The FBI should obtain warrants to search Schiff’s Congressional office and his private residence. It would seem as if he is involved in a conspiracy to destroy the United States government on behalf of Russians.