Jew Alan Dershowitz Claims Jews are Entitled to Control the Media

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2017

The Jew Alan Dershowitz admits that Jews run the media and thinks that Jews have the right to influence public opinion.

How many times have we heard Jews say that Jewish control of the media is a conspiracy theory? This is a line that they feed to the dumb goyim over and over again to make people think they have no power. When Jews talk among themselves they openly brag about their control of the media. This is another example of this phenomenon.

At a recent pro-Israel conference, the disgusting Jew lawyer Alan Dershowitz openly stated that the Jews control the media. Furthermore, he told the Jewish audience that they have the right to control the media because of their alleged contributions to America’s success. He also told the audience that Jews shouldn’t apologize for having the power to influence public opinion.

Let’s back up for a second. The success that America has had as a country has nothing to do with Jews. America would be in much better shape if Jews were thrown out of the country. Jews have been a plague on the American people enslaving the population with Jewish debt and usury scams. The Federal Reserve which is nothing more than an instrument of Jewish usury has been a big part of this.

The Jews represent roughly two percent of America’s population. They have no right to control our media or influence the minds of people in our nation. This is a right that must be reserved for the majority racial demographic of the nation.

This Dershowitz clip is more proof justifying our political agenda which calls for the complete removal of all Jews from America.