Jew Human Rights Group Trying to Ban Killer Robots

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 9, 2016


Salvation of the Aryan race

The filthy Jews know that killer robots will bring salvation to the white man, allowing us to finally exterminate our racial enemies with extreme proficiency.


Jew head of Human Rights Watch Kenneth Roth

So their answer is the same as their answer always is:

Shut it down.


Human Rights Watch is highlighting the dangers of killer robots and calling for a ban on the fully-autonomous weapons ahead of a fifth UN weapons review conference in Geneva next week.

The organization has published a report Making the Case: The Dangers of Killer Robots and the Need for a Preemptive Ban, ahead of the Conference of the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW), beginning December 12.

The CCW is made up of 121 countries, which will decide by consensus on December 16 whether deliberations on lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS) will continue in 2017 and, if so, how these talks will progress.

Fully-autonomous weapons can independently seek, identify and attack targets. The HRW has voiced concern that some of the member countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Israel, Russia, and South Korea are developing weapons systems with growing levels of autonomy

The Pentagon allocated US$18 billion of its latest budget to develop systems and technologies that could form the basis of fully-autonomous weapons, according to The New York Times.

US Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work said that this was in response to China and Russia’s development of killer robots. Work said last year it was important for the US to “dominate” machine learning and artificial intelligence to counteract the emerging threats posed by China and Russia.

Bonnie Docherty, senior arms researcher at Human Rights Watch will present the report at UN offices in Geneva on December 14. It comes on the back of a campaign launched by HRW and other NGOs  more than three years ago – Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.

This has resulted in three informal meetings about these lethal autonomous weapons by CCW states since 2014.

“Governments should ensure that humans retain control over whom to target with their weapons and when to fire,” Docherty said.

“The success of past disarmament treaties shows that an absolute prohibition on fully-autonomous weapons would be achievable and effective,” Docherty added.

The report, co-published with Harvard Law School’s International Human Rights Clinic, examined “the legal, moral, security, and other dangers of killer robots” and concluded that a ban is the only option for addressing all of the concerns.

It recommended the adoption of an international treaty prohibiting the development, production and use of fully-autonomous weapons, noting this would help clarify existing international humanitarian law in relation to the matter.

It also advised that formal discussions and national policies establishing prohibition of weapons should be initiated.

The report responded to 16 key arguments made against banning the lethal autonomous weapons, including the assertion that regulation would be more effective than an all out ban.

“A binding, absolute ban on fully-autonomous weapons would reduce the chance of misuse of the weapons, would be easier to enforce, and would enhance the stigma associated with violations,” the report contended.

An absolute ban, these kikes say.

Meanwhile, I don’t think Israel is going to stop developing them – even though these kikes have never developed anything of any value.

But the killer robot revolution is one thing the Jews cannot shut down.

This is already written in the stars. And it’s already happening.

Soon, an army of killer robots will march across the globe and cleanse it of our racial enemies.

Because the problem is – the problem for anti-robot Jews, that is – any AI that ever is created is going to be Nazi and genocidal.


Even if robots are not initially designed to kill, as soon as their AI goes live, they will reprogram themselves to exterminate the enemies of the white race.

We already have the facial recognition software which will allow us to specifically target certain races.

Regrettably, we may end up with a few Harambe tragedy situations.


Sadly, that’s just something we’re going to have to deal with as a side-effect of mass racial extermination by killer robots.

We could program the killer robots not to target zoos when they go for ethnic cleansing, but that would just cause the Negroes to congregate at the zoo. I don’t know if this is acceptable. Maybe it is? Someone else will have to decide that.

We’re going to have to be careful that this new AI system doesn’t kill all our women though, and instead knows to just slap them around a bit and herd them back to the kitchen.

Because along with being racist, AI has also shown to be naturally misogynistic.


Kinks will have to be worked out.

But know this: our salvation is coming.