Jew Jon Stewart Interviews New York Mayor, Refuses to Address His Extremist AIPAC Pledge

Daily Stormer
February 8, 2014

The Jew and his mayor: Stewart and de Blasio had a gay old time mocking the previous Jew Mayor's authoritarian soda pop restrictions.
The Jew and his mayor: Stewart and de Blasio had a gay old time mocking the previous Jew Mayor’s authoritarian soda pop restrictions.

Jon Stewart, the Jewish host of the Daily Show, interviewed the race-mixing, queer-worshiping Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio on Monday, and conveniently failed to bring up his controversial and bizarre terroristic pledge to support the Jew state of Israel through their criminal spy agency AIPAC, claiming this was “his job.”

Instead, he did PR for the pervert Mayor.  No one is surprised by this.

From Mondoweiss:

Stewart elides the reason de Blasio’s toil is “24-7″: slurping up to AIPAC on January 23, he said a big part of “my job description” was standing up for Israel, but after hours, off the public calendar.

Stewart doesn’t ask the Che Guevara mayor why he pledged fealty to AIPAC’s brand of neoconservativism, proclaiming, “We take inspiration from Israel for how it has stared down terrorism and kept moving forward.”  Stewart doesn’t query why the mayor ditched all liberal lines that night. As reporter Sally Goldenberg revealed,  “Two attendees [to the AIPAC meeting] even joked that he never once used the word ‘progressive,’ a mainstay in most of his public speeches.” Stewart doesn’t even inquire about de Blasio’s response to the 58 principled Jewish New Yorkers who reproved de Blasio, declaring that AIPAC “does not speak for us,” but “for Israel’s hard-line government and its right-wing supporters.”

Stewart, rather than request that de Blasio explain his hypocrisy, zings lame shots at the mayor that actually defend him from others’ gripes.  Satirizing charges that slow snow removal was part of a vendetta against the rich, Stewart razzes de Blasio: “What else could we do to the Upper East Side?”  Trite banter ensues: ”locusts,” laughs de Blasio. “Gonna go Biblical?” retorts Stewart.

The comic lobs his standard meant-to-be-disarming ethnic in-joke, jabbing “my people–I call them ‘MishYorkers–it’s older Jews,” quipping with mock-solemnity, ”I find them [sic] to never complain about…anything.”  [1:38].  I wondered whether Stewart’s self-deprecating knock at wealthy Jews was an unconscious charade, shielding AIPAC donors by offering up an expose of another foible of the tribe–even as Stewart hints at peril in the racist stereotype.

But then why was that bit yanked from Part 1 of the visit on the website yesterday?–Especially after much discussion of the chuckles about locusts here and here? Hm, curiouser and curiouser: the “locust” clip’s now restored here:  [1:40].