Jew Matt Drudge Appears on Alex Jones Show in Feeble Attempt to Save the Ship

Info Stormer
October 12, 2015

Many do not realize that Matt Drudge is a degenerate Jewish homosexual.

The faggot Jew Matt Drudge made a rare media appearance on the Alex Jones show last week.  This was clearly an attempt by Drudge to help boost the sinking credibility of the Alex Jones Infowars media operation.  In fact, one of the few things keeping the Jones operation afloat is the fact that Drudge has continuously pushed traffic to his sites via links on his Drudge Report website.

What’s basically happened is that most people who used to listen to Jones in the 2000s have discovered him to be a fraud. ┬áHe is nothing more than a gatekeeper for Jewish power. ┬áMany of his sponsors are Jewish run companies and he has many important business relationships with Jews. ┬áHis relationship with Drudge is a perfect example of this. ┬áIf Jones were to cover Jewish power and international Zionism extensively on his site and radio show, there is little doubt that Drudge being a gay Jew would no longer link to his sites.

Drudge and Jones essentially┬árepresent the final frontier of Jewish cuckservative gatekeeping. ┬áThere’s actually many things that they discuss in the interview that I agree with. ┬áThey are 100% right in stating that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are meant to control the nature of speech and discourse. ┬áHowever, they completely ignore how Facebook’s top executives are nearly all Jewish. ┬áThey also ignore how the corporate media is run largely by Jewish executives. ┬áSo even though the problems they talk about are real, they will never expose the link to Jewish tribalism and the genetic nature of the Jew.

Just last month, Jones was heavily criticized for refusing to post the full interview he did with Jewish supremacist researcher Dr. David Duke on his YouTube channel.  This is despite many demands for him to do so.  Contrast that with the Drudge interview which was immediately posted and highlighted on his YouTube channel.  It once again shows which team Jones is playing for.

I still find it ironic that many┬áso-called White conservatives view Drudge as an important conservative voice. ┬áThis is a homosexual Jew we are talking about. ┬áDrudge like Jones is nothing but a gatekeeper for Jewish power. ┬áHis website is only good for gaining a grasp on┬áwhat the mainstream Jew media is discussing and focusing in on. ┬áOther than that, Drudge like Jones is part of the Jew media establishment. ┬áThe fact that they are both presented as part of an “alternative media” is another fraud and part of the gatekeeping strategy.

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