Jew Media is Going Nuts Over Mueller Not Charging Trump with Anything

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2019

You would have thought these people knew it was all a hoax, and knew that Trump couldn’t be charged with anything because he didn’t do anything.

But they’re all going nuts.

Rachel Maddow:

Chris Matthews:

Some of them are saying that even though the investigation is over, Mueller might still indict Trump. It’s like a “here’s how Bernie can still win” thing.

Mother Jones editor:

That conspiracy kook bitch married to the Jew:

Chris Hayes is just saying it’s all real:

That nigger from the Daily Show doesn’t even know what’s going on, and thinks the report being released without any more indictments is good for his team:

What a mess.

But I guess they all get the last laugh because they were right about Trump being a bad orange man. They just got the reasons wrong.

On the genocidal Jew holiday of Purim, Trump announced that the US is going to recognize Israeli ownership of an occupied piece of Syria that Israel doesn’t even claim ownership of. Then the next day, he was effectively cleared of all charges by this Jewish hoax group.

It has gotten tedious, this thing with these Jews.