Jew Media Stresses Importance of Free Press While Trying to Shut Down Independent Media Voices

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 19, 2018

The Jew media is claiming how important the free press is to attack Donald Trump while at the same time trying to shut down independent media voices on the Internet. Clearly, the Jews only want a controlled press and not a real free press.

Time after time we see the most insane examples of hypocrisy from the corporate Jew media. It literally never ends. What we have seen occur over the past few weeks is perhaps the most damning example of this phenomenon.

This week, over 300 newspapers wrote editorials stressing the importance of a free press. They also claimed that the President of the United States was actively undermining the free press. These talking points were further reinforced by pundits and talking heads on television.

The thing is, Donald Trump is not against a free press. He is simply against people who are regularly and continually spreading false information about him and his administration. For some bizarre reason, the people in the media keep trying to equate a free press as a press that is immune from criticism. It is a ridiculous and insane assertion to make.

Trump recently reinforced his position with a series of tweets, articulating how he is totally against the censorship of political speech.

On top of that, one could easily make the case that these Jew-controlled media outlets are not acting as legitimate members of the press. They are behaving more like subversive anti-American entities hellbent on overturning the results of the 2016 election. If they weren’t, then why is 90 percent of their coverage on Trump negative? And why do they continually promote conspiracy theories about Trump and Russia?

But that’s more of a side issue to this topic.

Here we have nearly the entire media establishment in America, talking about how important a free press is to democracy, freedom or whatever. Meanwhile, they have been actively pushing to get Alex Jones and other right-wing commentators banned from social media sites. How can you possibly square the two?

You can’t simultaneously support other members of the media getting banned from these sites for arbitrary reasons and claim to support a free press. Some cable news pundits have cheered the Jones ban because he said things that allegedly hurt the feelings of the Sandy Hook parents.

They even went so far as to take video clips out of context to falsely claim that he was inciting violence. The Young Turks aggressively promoted this angle.

If anything, what they did was launch an attack on the free press by demanding Jones be banned. All this was done under the guise of false morality.

But if morality is what determines who is and who isn’t allowed to have a presence on social media, than why are CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and other mainstream news operations still there? These organizations openly promoted and parroted the lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. This lie was used to justify a war that cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars and resulted in widespread death and chaos. To me, this represents a far greater morality issue than anything Jones said about Sandy Hook.

Even CNN admitted that the media was complicit and acted as an echo chamber for this diabolical Zionist agenda.

Like him or not, Jones is a member of the free press. The corporate Jew media is pathetically trying to redefine the free press as something that only they control and which nobody can criticize. This is a move to eliminate competition. They obviously have a problem when a single person on YouTube is able to net a larger subscriber total than their huge corporate operations. That’s why they are sounding the horn and trying to get everything shut down.

In conclusion, these Jews don’t give a damn about a free press and they never will. They are totally opposed to a free press because a true free press means ideological competition and ideological competition is something that these Jews can’t have.

The good news is that it looks like Trump is moving to fix this problem once and for all. And if that happens, the Jews are going to have to deal with the entire Daily Stormer writing team on Twitter.

Just let that thought sink in for a moment.