Jew Replaces Other Jew as Head of Sony Pictures

Daily Stormer
February 25, 2015

Hai goyims, I herd u liek funny and gay sex
Hai goyims, I herd u liek funny and gay sex

Sony Pictures has made a big move: they’ve replaced their Jew chairman with a chairman Jew.

What is amazing is that modern “conservatives” in America are still failing to make the connection between Jews and the degradation of traditional society.


Sony Pictures has named Tom Rothman chairman of its motion picture group this morning in a surprise move that follows the ouster of Amy Pascal as co-chair of the Culver City-based studio.

In Rothman, Sony has tapped an industry veteran with ties to A-list talent to lead it as it struggles to recover from a cyber-attack that exposed its emails, budgets, salaries and institutional information to public scrutiny. That hack, launched by North Korea in retaliation for the Kim Jong-un assassination comedy “The Interview,” led to Pascal’s ouster and cost the studio tens of millions of dollars in legal fees and lost ticket sales.

Rothman has led Sony’s TriStar Productions since 2013, having previously served as chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment for 12 years alongside Jim Gianopulos.

To nab the coveted job, Rothman beat out Doug Belgrad, Pascal’s former number two and the president of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s motion picture group, and Michael De Luca, Sony president of production. Both men are expected to remain with the company in their current jobs, according to two individuals with knowledge of the situation.

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