Jew Reproaches Jews for Placing Interests of Their Political Party Above Interests of Jews

Diversity Macht Frei
May 11, 2017

One of those “anti-Semitic tropes” that keep being thrown at innocent Jews by those evil antisemites is that they care more about the interests of Jews than they do about any non-Jewish association they form a part of. In this quite extraordinary article in the Times of Israel, however, high-powered Jewish lawyer, Adam Cannon, reproaches Jews for not doing that enough.

The controversy revolves around the Jewish Labour Movement, which is affiliated to the Labour party in Britain, the main left-wing party in the country. First of all, the author praises the Jewish Labour Movement for doing exactly what antisemites have accused them of doing.

The JLM has been very successful in rightly garnering public attention for its statements and in attracting media coverage for its leadership during the various crises in the Labour party. Since 2015, they have put considerable pressure on those who seek to undermine our community. They have been able advocates working for the community as a whole. Their allegiances always seemed to be with the community first and the Labour Party second.


But, later on, he reproaches them for putting the interests of their party above the interests of Jews.

However, by standing against local MPs who serve our community and continue to be staunch allies of Jews and of Israel, they have shown that the noise they made was, perhaps more for the sake of the Labour Party rather than the community.

Mike Freer and Matthew Offord who are being opposed by JLM’s Chair and Vice Chair respectively have achieved a huge amount for our community, from securing millions in funding for the security of Jewish schools and community centres to outlawing divisive BDS motions being passed by public sector bodies. They have represented our interests and concerns to Government with great effect. Both MPs have represented the Jewish population across the country and more than earned their reputations as excellent advocates for our community. Their support has been unwavering.

That the leadership of the JLM have political ambitions beyond their pressure group is not unreasonable nor surprising, but to stand for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party in 2017 against our community’s allies is a tactical error. They should be increasing the Jewish community’s friends in parliament not, at best, maintaining it. I would have had no complaint if they had chosen to stand against one of our opponents in parliament.


Let’s be clear about what is happening here. The two persons he mentions, Mike Freer and Matthew Offord, are both Conservative parliamentary candidates. He is rebuking members of the Labour party for daring to stand against their principal political rivals, the Conservative Party, insisting that MPs who are “good for the Jews” should be given a free pass. Cannon demands that Jews place Jewish ethnic interests above the interests of the political parties they are members of. In other words, he fully validates many of the “antisemitic” accusations traditionally made against Jews, namely that they are disloyal, cannot be trusted, will always turn against you when it suits them, etc.