Jew-Run Media Outlets Increasingly Shutting Down Comment Sections Due to Hurt Feelings

Info Stormer
November 9, 2015

These goyim know! Shut it down, now!
These goyim know! Shut it down, now!

Many Jew run Internet news sites are shutting down their comment sections simply due to hurt feelings. They have failed to identify the fact that people are getting sick of political correctness and Marxist blabber. If these Jew run Internet news sites did proper reporting and stopped trying to conceal factual information in the name of political correctness, they wouldn’t have these problems.

For example, how many news stories do we see where the media outlet will do a report on a Black criminal committing a crime and describe them as a “youth” or some non-descriptive term? Seems as if this phenomenon has been never ending. They do this to conceal the fact that the criminal was of a certain racial demographic.  People in the comment sections have merely been calling out this type of dishonest reporting by using racially charged terms to get their point across.

This is all very good news for sites like this. Sites that offer a comment section with politically incorrect banter will increasingly become a premium.


The Internet was supposed to facilitate better exchange between the public and news media. But vile and hateful comments changed all that.

In the face of rising vitriol — attacks, bigotry and general nastiness — news organizations are increasingly throwing in the towel on online comments.

Last month, Vice Media’s Motherboard news site turned off reader comments, saying “the scorched earth nature of comments sections just stifles real conversation.”

It instead began taking “letters to the editor” to be screened by staff.

Vox Media’s online news site The Verge said in July it was “turning off comments for a bit,” noting that the tone was “getting a little too aggressive and negative.”

Blogging platform Medium this past week allowed its users to hide reader comments, acknowledging that “sometimes you may not want to get in a discussion.”

The Chicago Sun-Times, The Daily Beast, news website Re/code, the millennial-focused news site Mic and Popular Science also have shut off comments.

And launched last year without them, saying that “flame wars” turned readers off.

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