Jew Sacha Baron Cohen Kikes Roy Moore

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2018

So the woke take on this Sacha Baron-Cohen show is that he is actually exposing Republicans as shills of Israel, who are willing to do anything if they think one of God’s Chosen People says it’s okay for them to do it.

And that he is actually harming Jews by removing their power over the Republican Party by pointing out how idiotic their devotion to the Jews actually is.

I’m warming up to that take.

I just hate the sonovabitching kike for what he did to my friends the Kazakhs.


Hoping for an easy interview on Alabama’s ‘strong connection’ with Israel, the Donald Trump-endorsed-but-failed Senate nominee Roy Moore was the latest dupee of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, falling foul of a ‘pedophile detector.’

Former Alabama Chief Justice Moore was unwittingly filmed as part of Cohen’s new show, ‘Who is America?’ Moore’s 2017 bid for the Senate was hampered after a slew of sexual misconduct allegations were made against him, the youngest alleged victim being 14 at the time of the incident.

Moore, who has continued to be plagued by the allegations in the media, faced questions from his “Israeli interviewer” – none other than actor Sacha Baron Cohen, widely known for his characters ‘Borat’ and ‘Ali G.’

Posing as “terror expert” Colonel Erran Morad, Cohen asked Moore why there was such a “strong connection” between Alabama and Israel. The right-wing politician responded by lauding the state’s values of freedom and liberty.

“Alabama has always been a state that valued freedom, valued liberty, and appreciated what people went through to get it,” he said.

When Cohen commented with a hidden sarcasm that in Alabama, “people have always been free, whatever their religion, or race, or sexuality,” Moore stated: “It’s part of our heritage.”

But Moore’s hopes for an easy ride then took a somewhat uncomfortable turn when Cohen’s interview focused on Israel’s tradition in technological innovation.

Using technology first developed to detect Hamas “terror tunnels,” Cohen brandished a “simple to use” and “99.8 percent accurate” device that beeps when waved over pedophiles. Assuring Moore that as “neither of us are sex offenders, then it make absolutely nothing,” Cohen gave a demonstration. He first waved it over himself before turning to Moore, where it promptly beeped.

Several back and forths ensued with Cohen claiming “it must be faulty” and “it’s malfunctioning.” Having enough, Moore suggested “maybe Israeli technology hasn’t developed properly,” before cutting the interview.

“I support Israel, but I don’t support, this kinda stuff,” he added before leaving to a beeping detector.

Roy Moore man.

How is this asshole still around?

I hope this finishes him off.

He fucked us as hard as anyone has. All he had to say was “the 14-year-old thing was a lie, but yeah, I was interviewing teenage girls because I’m a strong Christian and wanted a virgin wife.” BOOM. Finished.

Instead, he acted like a weasel, and lied. The lies were obvious. And they seemed extra-quadruple stack grimy because of all the ultra-Jesus stuff.

Although honestly, I think it was all Bannon’s fault. To be fair. He was the one coaching him.


I don’t even want to think about that situation anymore, ever again.

But yes. I am warming up to the idea that Cohen is making Republicans who support Israel look like deranged shills. I think he is doing it because he wants to show other Jews “look at how stupid these goyim are,” but I think it is going to backfire in the long term.

And yeah, getting the guy to scream nigger and pull his pants down was very funny.

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