Jew Sackler Family is Responsible for Much of the Opioid Epidemic

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 13, 2018

The drug-pushing Jew and his Jew wife.

The Jews have many different ways to screw over the goyim. They steal our money through usury, they steal our technology through spying, they poison our minds through the education system and mainstream media.

But none of that is enough to keep the goyim under control.

So they had to figure out a way to keep us weak, docile and dependent on them – ideally while making a lot of money.

How? By sneakily getting us addicted to mind-numbing drugs like Oxycontin. In other words, opioids.

Trump has made this problem a major plank of his program, and he’s putting pressure on slow Jeff to start taking serious measures.

Ars Technica:

The Sackler family—the ultra-wealthy family that made billions from illegally marketed opioids and the group largely blamed for sparking and fueling the devastating, $504 billion-per-year epidemic of opioid addiction—has been making even more money off the country’s drug crisis than previously thought, according to a series of reports by the Financial Times.

Of course, the Sacklers are filthy Jews.

Jewish quotas? Now that’s something to keep in mind for Trump’s 2020 platform.

If other schools outside the US also had Jewish quotas, then we wouldn’t be dealing with an opioid crisis now. Tolerance of the Jews has ruined the lives of millions of people.

A good lesson to ponder. That’s a mistake we won’t make in the future, I can tell you that.

The Sacklers own the infamous drug company Purdue Pharma, which in 2007 pleaded guilty to federal criminal charges for misleading doctors, regulators, and patients about the addictiveness of its branded oxycodone opioid drug, OxyContin. Yet the guilty plea seemed to do little to reform the company’s ethics or curb sales, according to a new report in the FT. Purdue continued to recklessly push the drugs on doctors, insiders told the outlet, and in 2010, it was raking in more than $3 billion in OxyContin sales.

Expecting a Jew to be “reformed,” lol.

They’d continue to sell these drugs even if they lost money on every pill.

The addiction and death aren’t side-effects – they’re the intended result.

In 2016, Forbes estimated the Sackler family’s collective wealth at $13 billion.

But according to a second FT report, the Sacklers didn’t just carry on with “business as usual” at Purdue—the family quietly opened a second drug company called Rhodes Pharma just four months after the guilty plea. And since then, the Rhode Island-based pill maker has become one of the largest producers of generic opioids in the US.

That’s right – they more than doubled down. Instead of selling only Oxycontin, they’re now selling “generics,” which obviously go for a much lower price, with vastly lower profit margins.

The goal isn’t to make as much money as possible – the goal is to get as many goyim addicted to zombie pills as they can.

In 2016, Rhodes and Purdue together supplied 14.4 million opioid prescriptions. This makes them the seventh-largest opioid maker by market share, accounting for six percent of the US opioid marked, according to documents viewed by the FT.

The figure is striking because Purdue has long denied a prime role in the opioid epidemic by noting that OxyContin sales only account for a small percentage of opioid prescriptions in the US—just 1.7 percent in 2016. But the combined market share of Purdue and Rhodes significantly weakens that argument.

“We’ll just change the name, the stupid goyim will never figure it out.”

Moreover, former Purdue employees told the FT that sales reps were incentivized not just to ruthlessly expand the sale of OxyContin but to also push generic opioids. Specifically, part of their bonuses were calculated based on the size of the overall opioid market. That unusual business move makes a lot more sense knowing that Purdue’s owners also owned a company that sells generic opioids.

These kikes are running their opioid scam like a ghetto drug pusher.

Nigga, why don’t you try a little crack, huh?

The reps were literally paid to push “competitor’s” products if necessary, as long as more people got addicted.

This is insane.

Since its 2007 guilty plea, Purdue has faced more than a thousand lawsuits from states, cities, and counties, all making similar allegations of misleading marketing that fueled the opioid epidemic. Late last year, the White House Council of Economic Advisers estimated that the epidemic of opioid fatalities and misuse led to an economic loss of $504 billion in 2015, or 2.8 percent of the GDP. More than 33,000 Americans died of opioid overdoses that year.

The pharmaceutical industry should be forced to pay for every penny, plus at least a trillion in damages.

Everyone responsible needs to be put on trial and executed for crimes against humanity against the White race.

Unless this is done, these people will just keep on doing everything they can to poison and kill us.