Jew Sheriff Responsible for Failing to Stop Parkland Massacre Faces No-Confidence Vote From Own Deputies

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 21, 2018

Only a Jew would refuse to step down after this series of failures, holding out until his own deputies have to go for a vote of no-confidence.

Seriously, even a black guy or whatever wouldn’t be able to resist social pressure that long.

Only a Jew.

They are entirely unique from all other races in that they completely lack, on a biological level, any ability to feel shame.


Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who touted his own “amazing leadership” after the Parkland school shooting, is facing a no-confidence vote from the union representing his deputies.

Jeff Bell, the president of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, told CNN on Friday that union members had decided to move forward with the vote, which will begin electronically tonight and will close on April 26.

“There is a complete failure at the sheriff’s office and he doesn’t recognize it,” Bell said.

Calling the vote a “ploy,” Israel said the union “is trying to use the Parkland tragedy as a bargaining tactic to extort a pay raise.”


Also, only a Jew could imagine that particularly convoluted method of blame-shifting.

Aside from the sheriff’s comments in the aftermath of Parkland, a letter informing the union membership of the vote contains a multitude of other complaints against Israel. Union audits showed that Israel has returned hundreds of millions of dollars to the county that could have been used money for deputy salary increases, training, health care, crime laboratory upgrades and safety equipment, the letter said.

Bell said he informed the sheriff ahead of the announcement that the vote would go forward.

“The move follows many instances of suspected malfeasance … and the lack of leadership that has crushed morale throughout the agency,” the announcement from the deputies association says.

Bell says the historic move is due to the dysfunction of the office, which has been piling up for years. But it was Israel’s behavior after the school shooting that left 17 people dead that pushed the rank and file over the edge, he says. Especially when Israel swiftly blamed school resource officer Scot Peterson for not entering the building and stopping the shooter.

Peterson said through his attorney that he thought the shots were being fired outside the building. Peterson was suspended without pay and later resigned.

Bell, who also has been critical of Peterson, agrees that the deputy should have entered the building. But he said he and his union members believe the sheriff should have taken some responsibility as well, instead of shifting all the blame to a deputy.

Israel “didn’t say it’s an open investigation (on law enforcement’s response to the shooting). He blamed it all on Peterson,” Bell said. “You don’t do that to one of your deputies.”

“My members are not poster children. They are not squeaky clean. They make mistakes. What we are saying is, they should be punished fairly,” Bell said.

And now even with this vote incoming – which he knows he’s going to lose – he’s still refusing to resign.

Most likely the vote itself is not binding, but merely symbolic, so he’ll just keep going after that.

It’s an incredible thing to watch, a Jew.

Every element of this Parkland process has been so weird, it is hard to even believe…. which is why I think a lot of people don’t believe it.

But the Jew Sheriff has been involved in a bunch of different scandals before the shooting, including a bizarre sex scandal.

My favorite is when he appeared to swear allegiance to Allah at a mosque.

Just watch part of it.

It’s some super-weird shit, I’ll tell ya what.