Tommy Robinson’s Zombie YouTube Channel Calls Out REAL Nazis Like Mark Collett!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 27, 2019

UPDATE: I don’t think Tommy is even aware that this video was posted on his channel.

Tommy Robinson might himself be in prison getting punched in the face in the shower.

But shilling never sleeps.

His YouTube channel is still active, like a zombie YouTube channel, and it keeps attacking people for talking about Jews.

On Friday, the official Tommy Robinson YouTube channel released a cut-up highlight reel from Mark Collett’s 2002 interview with a shifty Jewish Journissary who basically did the whole “fellow White person” shtick on Mark and totally betrayed him.

The video is entitled “How to burn a REAL Nazi” (because you see, Mark Collett is a REAL Nazi, as opposed to Tommy, who is a FAKE Nazi).

The sheer chutzpah and cunning crypsis deployed by the kike absolutely floored Mark. 

In the video, Mark talks candidly about his beliefs and the issues that face British working class society. Mark comes off as naive, and the interviewer absolutely sinister. And the only indication that someone is saying anything wrong is the ominous Jaws-inspired music combined with the narrator’s smug voice-over reminding the audience to be disgusted.

And of course, no dissent will be allowed in the comments section:

The video already has over 20,000 views at time of writing, because Tommy is big news. So whatever Jew is running his channel while he’s in prison is doing the important thing, and using the publicity around this to attack right-wingers.

This is the first video the channel has posted in two weeks. Whatever Jew controls it is not even using it to shill for Tommy anymore.

While I think that Tommy is a total bought and paid for Jew shill, it’s obvious that he isn’t even in control of the whole “Tommy Robinson Inc.” operation.

The kikes in the back are using Tommy’s plight to highlight their own.

I wouldn’t be surprised if his Jewish handlers are deliberately getting him in trouble with the law to gain publicity for their e-begging campaign and just repeating it over and over again to max out Tommeh’s well-meaning but deluded supporters.

The hit video about Mark Collett seems to have been triggered by several former Shill-Right conservatives getting woke to the JQ and reaching out to Mark.

That means that Mark is right over the target, and the Jews are losing control of the controlled opposition in the UK. White Britons are starting to get over their fear of being called German Nazi sympathizers simply for noticing the kike agenda.

No wonder the Jews are trying to shut it down!