Jew Viciously Lashes Out at Me for Agreeing with Her

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 15, 2018

I wrote a thing about a Jew’s thing in the Jewish Forward, and she has lashed out against me with one of her NPC followers threatening to hunt me down.

The funny thing is, I was agreeing with her article. It was about the fact that Jews have taken on the role of “white” while allying with nonwhites against whites, but are now being persecuted by both whites and nonwhites. And I was like “yep.”

There was no aspect of her premise that I found inaccurate.

Is this real confusion? Or pretend confusion?

My position is this: American Jews adopted the benefits of being white, while also siding against white people by aligning with blacks and immigrants. I don’t think that is controversial. Jews are pretty open about this.

Now, as Mia herself described from her own personal experience, Jews are receiving backlash both from whites who view them as an outgroup (due to their meticulously curated and increasingly difficult to ignore outgroup identity and behavior pattern, which is so hostile to white culture, society and civilization generally) and from the nonwhites they had previously viewed as allies (due to their having identified with white people for purposes of integration into the white establishment, and due to the racial policies of the state of Israel).

I get that any comment by someone who the Jewish media has labeled a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist” could trigger Jewish pathology, but the actual discussion here is pretty straightforward as far as I’m able to gather.

The reason I quoted so much of your article, Mia, was because you were saying the exact things that I’ve been saying for a long time, and it makes a big impression on people to see that Jews will actually say about themselves – in their own publications – the exact same things as “Neo-Nazi White Supremacists” say about them.

As far as “accusations” of “trying to claim whiteness and victimhood” – did you read your own article? Where you called yourself white, talked about how you never had to fear a “routine police stop,” and then went on to describe how you were chased through London at an anti-Israel march?

Your article could have been titled “I have white privilege but am also a victim because I’m Jewish.” Because that is the summation of what you said.

Someone brought up #metoo in questioning her about her own Jewish privilege.

And she responded by naming two black guys, an Arab, two white guys who were wrongly accused (or at least have never admitted it and to whom no evidence has been produced against), and Casey Affleck. She said saying Jewish men are more likely to be sexual predators is anti-Semitic.


But the commenter mentioned that the Jewish comedian Larry David actually noted that it was mostly Jews.

Furthermore, it is objectively mostly Jews.

This article in NBC News which is keeping track of the metoo accused shows that 60% of them are Jews. And Jews are 2% of the population. Meaning they are 30 times more likely than non-Jews to be credibly accused of sexual harassment.

So we might have to disagree here, Mia.

But maybe not – based on your wording, maybe you are not denying the fact Jewish men commit more sexual assault, simply saying that the act of making this factual statement is “anti-Semitic.” I understand that Jews use the term “anti-Semitism” for anything that is harmful to Jews, and I would agree that this uncomfortable fact could be harmful to Jews. So maybe we agree on that too!

If you’re saying it is not factually accurate that Jews commit more sexual assault than white men, however, then you are simply a liar. And a liar willing to lie about an objective fact that anyone can Google up in a few seconds.

Here’s the other thing though.

One of her followers talked about hunting me down…!

And she responded that this is why she loves her followers (because they will hunt down anti-Semites for her).

Another person also insinuated violence by saying “may need to do something big about this,” to which the dejected threatener said it was a no go because she can’t find my home address after trying to do so.


After some backlash, the threatener then said it was a joke.

I’m not going to comment on a middle-aged liberal female saying someone else is “blind to humor.”

I’m willing to accept it was a joke. And that the part where you said you had already tried to find where I am was part of the gag. Whatever.

Interestingly, however, I have federal lawsuits for jokes – and none of those jokes were a direct physical threat toward a specific individual, an admission to attempting to locate someone’s home for the purpose of committing violence against them, or anything even anywhere close to something like that.

Twitter is certainly very selective in who they ban.

If you have a Twitter account, don’t tweet to Mia because people are already getting banned for that. But report this Tweet from K. Swizzle and see what response you get.

For the record, I feel both unsafe and targeted by this woman threatening violence against me – even if it was a joke.

And Mia – if you’re wondering why white people don’t like you, maybe celebrating people threatening to hunt them down for writing a blog post agreeing with your blog post is a good place to start your soul-searching.