Jew-Worshipping Fat Bastard John Hagee Says Ebola is Sent by God for Not Doing Enough for Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 23, 2014

The fat Jew-loving rat bastard John Hagee, a Christo-Zionist preacher who has spent his entire life worshipping the parasitical Jew entity, has declared that Ebola in America was caused by the ape President’s refusal to do enough for Christ-killing/Baby-killing Jews of Israel.

The fact that people are willing to listen to this man demonstrates just how far America has sunk into the depths of utter disconnection from basic reality.

Firstly, the wicked ape and alleged President of America, Barack Obama, has done more for the filthy Jews than any other figure in American history. His entire administration is run entirely by Jews, and he and his sicken right-hand man John Kerry, a Jew, played a pivotal role in ensuring that the Jews be able to murder thousands of babies in Gaza with impunity.

Second, Ebola was brought to America by Jews, on purpose. Without the Jewish head of the CDC, Tom Frieden, endorsing a block on any travel bans from West Africa, it never could have come here.

The third, and perhaps most important point, is that the Jews are the ones who killed Christ, and thus any form of Christianity which endorses the International Parasite entity is fundamentally nonsensical. On top of this, the Jews have been entirely responsible for the destruction of the Christian West, through every means imaginable, including feminism, Negro rights, the immigrant invasion, communism, pornography, the banking swindle system, homosexualist rights, endless wars for no reason and so and so on forever.