Jew York Times Implies That Anti-Immigration Swedes Want to Burn Children Alive

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2015

The New York Times, sickening and Jewish as it ever was, has published an article entitled “In Sweden, the Land of the Open Door, Anti-Muslim Sentiment Finds a Foothold.”

The article’s header image is of a little girl looking at paper hearts outside of a burned up mosque.

Those bastards!
Those bastards!  They want to burn up all the little kids because of hate!

They then go into describing the horror of the recent mosque burnings in Sweden, in their standard profile/human interest format, before generalizing the burning mosque as representative of the whole of anti-immigration sentiment in Sweden and across Europe.

It is not even subtle.  What they are implying – really they are bordering on stating it directly – is that everyone who takes issue with immigration does so because they want to see people suffer.  They don’t care about the cute little girl in the picture, and would just as soon see her burned up.

The slobbery NYT article was written by Melissa Eddy.
The slobbery NYT article was written by Melissa Eddy.
A recent post from Melissa Eddy on Twitter
A recent post from Melissa Eddy on Twitter

The pro-Jew and possibly Jew-by-blood author of the ridiculous piece, Melissa Eddy, then literally links the mosque burnings with the very soft and very mainstream nationalist party the Sweden Democrats, continuing to mix in various Moslem sob-stories, before ending with this:

Mr. Samantar, who is originally from Somalia, said he struggles to get through his prayers without smelling smoke or hearing the rush of a fire. After he escaped that day, he said, he feared that women and children were trapped in other rooms of the burning building, and anxiety haunts him still, even in his sleep.

“We would always take our families with us to the mosque,” said Mr. Samantar, a father of three. “The mosque was always our safe place. It’s not anymore.”

The whole thing reads like a parody of liberal tear-mongering, as is the typical style of the Daily Beast and Salon and is now becoming standard in NYT and other places where such material would have been embarrassing to editors even just a year ago.

By starting with the burned mosque, moving through all forms of anti-immigration sentiment, then returning to the burned mosque, she psychologically wraps all of it together, ties it to the cute little brown girl in the header, without having to outright say “SD and everyone else opposed to immigration wants to burn up these children out of hate.”

An appeal to pity for children is almost always made out of a dishonest place.  Not every single time.  But pretty well every single time.

The actual reality is that not even the people burning the mosques want to hurt anyone (or we have no reason to believe they do, because they have purposefully avoided it in their arson attacks), and the vast majority of those opposed to the invasion obviously wouldn’t support these arson attacks at all.  SD is hardly even supporting deportations at this point, basically only trying to stand against more people coming in.

But logic is not employed here.  The Jews cannot afford to employ logic, as that would break down all of their arguments.  These things are sold through pure emotion.

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