Jew York Times Jews Out on Oz’s ‘Stop the Boats’ Policy

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
September 5, 2015


Feels are being felt all over for a little Syrian-Kurdish boy whose body washed up on a Turkish beach after the crap boat he was in went belly up as scores of Arab rats tried to join the mass invasion of Europe.

These feels are ultimately meant to make Whites feel guilty feels after sympathetic hurts. See, that kid drowned because there aren’t actual ferry services to make sure that the invaders that want to make Europe theirs are safe, which just shows how evil Whitey is. However, some less prone to sentimentality might see it as reason why a tougher stance be taken against these sea-lice to prevent them from taking up space in a European morgue’s freezer.

Australia came to this conclusion a few years’ back, and it got tough on the boats. Now the eternal Jew is afraid that Europeans might do the same, and try and forestall the final solution of White Genocide by doing so. This is why the hooknose filth from The New York Times launched a massive broadside 0n Australia’s jug-eared Prime Minister over the Stop the Boats policy.

Some European officials may be tempted to adopt the hard-line approach Australia has used to stem a similar tide of migrants. That would be unconscionable.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has overseen a ruthlessly effective effort to stop boats packed with migrants, many of them refugees, from reaching Australia’s shores. His policies have been inhumane, of dubious legality and strikingly at odds with the country’s tradition of welcoming people fleeing persecution and war.

The good news is the kid's father managed to swim back to shore and find a dry towel
The good news is the kid’s father managed to swim back to shore and find a dry towel

Tony Abbott is very much the world’s new Hitler for keeping out bogus boarder-breachers. His image will one day appear alongside Hitlers, Mussolinis, Stalins and Hando from Romper Stomper.

Since 2013, Australia has deployed its navy to turn back boats with migrants, including asylum seekers, before they could get close to its shores. Military personnel force vessels carrying people from Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Eritrea and other conflict-roiled nations toward Indonesia, where most of the journeys begin. A boat captain recently reported that Australian authorities paid him $30,000 to turn back. If true, that account, which the Australian government has not disputed, would represent a violation of international laws designed to prevent human smuggling and protect asylum seekers.

Those who have not been turned back are held at detention centers run by private contractors on nearby islands, including the tiny nation of Nauru. A report this week by an Australian Senate committee portrayed the Nauru center as a purgatory where children are sexually abused, guards give detainees marijuana in exchange for sex and some asylum seekers are so desperate that they stitch their lips shut in an act of protest. Instead of stopping the abuses, the Australian government has sought to hide them from the world.

10454914_179112725753969_3962996269742894197_nSee, now Australia’s obviously a very evil country. Those who try to head there in boats and genocide Aussies get put in camps on neighbouring islands, which is like a Pacific Holocaust. The Jews, who don’t take any of these refos themselves, are understandably outraged; especially since they plan on new wars, which mean more refugees needing White countries, since only White countries will do.

The world’s war zones are all but certain to continue to churn out an extraordinary number of refugees and economic migrants in the years ahead. Those people understandably will head to the most prosperous nations, hoping to rebuild their lives. It is inexcusable that some find themselves today in situations that are more hopeless and degrading than the ones that prompted them to flee.

If you are a White nation and you try to stop non-Whites using war as an excuse to come and take what you’ve got then you are inhuman monsters. You deserve bombs dropped on you. Australia has one of the largest intakes of refugees in the world, but that’s still not good enough for the Jews. Nothing but total absorption of much larger non-White populations is acceptable.


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  2. The issue is not that we help refugees. Of course, we should help them. Genuine refugees should receive some help from us.

    The problem is that the Cultural Marxists have managed to create a situation where the only form of help we are allowed to give the refugees, or anybody who wants to claim to be one, is to make them “honorary White People” with full citizenship rights of the nation of their choosing, forever, and for all of their descendents too. Oh, and of course their parents and any other living relatives who will also gain the right to become “honorary White People”.

    That is the root of the issue. Being a refugee should lead to one being given refuge. But refuge is a temporary arrangement and it should never, under any circumstances lead to a new citizen being created. Not the refugee, or any future babies of the refugee, or anybody else.

    When they are in our nations, as refugees, they should be living in refugee camps, and never allowed to mingle or become a part of our societies. If they are genuine refugees then they will not mind this arrangement because it is better than being killed back home.

    Of course, most people claiming to be refugees are not genuine refugees. They are Economic Migrants who are coming “for a better life”. They would stop coming and claiming to be refugees were we allowed to keep refugees in refugee camps, on a temporary basis with a plan for when they will return home.

    Another element of caring for both the refugees and ourselves should involve our military. In the event that a group such as ISIS or the israelis, create a situation where there are many refugees coming our way, then we should use our military to remove that group from power.

    The refugee issue really is that simple. We are altruistic in our nature. We do want to help the refugees. But our help should be limited as outlined above. The fact that it is not is what is leading to all of the issues that we see today regarding refugees.

  3. Please don’t accept refugees Australia!

  4. I bet Ignatiev and Specter, those lovable Jewish intellectuals, are related. Imagine the offspring if they were to spawn Satanic life-forms?

    • Any two Ashkenazic Jews, selected at random, are about as closely related as third-cousins. Potentially, they are even more closely related. Their gene pool is quite small, but it has been diversifying due to outbreeding in recent decades. It really is one big, dysfunctional family.

  5. Just wondering, how many refugees has Israel taken in? We should be lobbying for them to do their fair share.

  6. Syria welcomed with loving arms lots of National Socialist Germans pissing off out of Europe when the jews took control of Germany in 1945. These people are amongst the most jew wise people on the planet.

  7. It’s been a big week for Tony…. First he called ISIS worse than nazis and now this !
    This will appear in “The Age” next week with the headline “Abbott the new Hitler”

  8. Saudi Arabia and Israel both have so much better laws to prevent becoming citizen and the arrival of any refugee to their land, we´ll not see any complain about it, because they are not whites to be destroyied by assimilation, an assimilation promoted by the very same so called “race” which celebrates their victory against greek asimilation from Alexander the Great troops in Palestine, it´s called Hanukkah. So think about it next time you see a Menorah in any Capital of the world:

    They are the opressing symbol against our greek and roman cultural and racial tradition. And aggainst Christ and christiannity, as Hanukkah even come close to Christmas. You´ll not see any Christmas tree in Israel, and so much less a Cross!!! If it´s not inside a temple.

  9. East Asian Nationalist Front

    Australia’s conservative leader actually PAYS illegals to turn their boats back, and that’s still not enough for these idiots. They should move onto torpedoes instead.

    All these empathy-based policies are setting a terrible example for the rest of the world. They need to start doing the opposite.

  10. I don’t really buy into ‘crisis actor’ theories, but this whole episode has just been too convenient. I am also suspicious of the fact that the boy is wearing the same clothes as ‘Bart Simpson’. Either way, this is an invasion of Holy Europe and ‘stop the boats’ is going to soon have to change to ‘sink the boats’. Hail victory!

  11. Open borders for Israel.

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