Jewed Again: The Daily Stormer Banned From Using Disqus Comment System

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2015

Your freedoms, goyim.
Your freedoms, goyim.

I am both shocked and appalled to report that The Daily Stormer has been banned from using the disqus comments system.

Yesterday, I received this email:

Hi there,

We wanted to reach out to inform you that your site has been found to be in conflict with the values and terms of use of Disqus. Because of this, Disqus is unable to offer your site continued discussion services past the end of this month.

Site activity or content that can result in the termination of discussion services include:

– Technical misuse of Disqus services: generating a large amount of nonsense threads, posts, or other objects.
– Featuring copyrighted material, which results in DMCA takedown requests.
– Adult-oriented sites which result in abuse complaints, users with inappropriate avatars or behavior visiting other Disqus sites in an unwelcome way, or are otherwise misusing Disqus services.
– Using Disqus on pages that contain hate speech, which results in abuse complaints.

Additional information on these Basic Rules may be found here:

Please be advised that discussion services for the shortname “dailystormer” will be terminated on January 4th, 2016 for one or more of the above reasons.

Thank you for your time and attention,

The Disqus Terms of Service Team
Hope you have a great day!
Product Support

Ryan G

In actual fact, I am not shocked.

Though I am of course appalled.

I conflict with their values.

Me specifically, mind you. Not any of the tens of thousands of other politically incorrect websites using their service. Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer conflict with their values.

I suppose I should be thankful they had the decency to give me a month’s notice.

The internet was supposed to be about freedom of speech. This great new age. Yet if you say something against the system – against the filthy Jews, in particular – they do everything conceivable to shut you down.

Banned from Everything

The Daily Stormer is, hands-down, the most banned site in the history of the internet.

We have been banned from multiple web hosts, we have been banned from PayPal and every other payment system we’ve tried, we have even had upstream providers shut us down.

Goyim, I...

As far as I’m aware, we are the first site to get banned from disqus for allegedly feeling the emotion of hatred.

Of course, we will figure out a new comments system, which will be bigger and better than disqus.

shut it downs syndrone jew

It will be interesting to see if anyone else gets shut down by disqus. Probably, they won’t.

What does that tell you about The Daily Stormer, brothers?


This is as good a time as any to admit that we are presently in a shekels crisis. I guess I should say this more often, but don’t.

The site is 100% reader-funded. Because all of the ad companies I’ve applied to have denied me.

So if you get something of value from the site, do contribute. If you can.

Right now, there are two methods: bitcoin and snail mail.

The BC address:


Snail mail address:

Andrew Anglin
6827 N. High Street, Suite 121
Worthington, Ohio

Cash (any currency), check, money order, whatever. All of it works.

I would like to be able to expand the site and do more, but right now, the lack of funds makes that impossible. I am looking for other options for funding, but haven’t figured any out so far.

This ongoing harassment campaign and the shutting down of our services surely proves that we are doing the most damage to the Jew agenda of any site.

No one else has to deal with this crap.

But we deal with it. And we keep on rolling on.

In the next weeks we will be debuting a new comments system which will be completely awesome to the max.

The kikes can nag and annoy, but they shall never stop the freedom train.

freedom train daily stormer

Hail Victory.

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