Jewish CEO Of CBS Leslie Moonves Responds to Negro Violence: “NFL is Still The Best Thing on Television”

Daily Slave
September 20, 2014

Leslie Moonves is one of many Jews that dominate big American media corporations.

The Jewish CEO of CBS Leslie Moonves is claiming that the National Football League is still the best thing on television. ┬áEven if you believe this to somehow be true, it isn’t saying much considering the enormous volumes of degenerate filth that Jews broadcast.

The NFL is starting to lose support from the American people after it has become painfully obvious that many of the league’s players are a bunch of violent Black monkeys devoid of any morals. ┬áThis is clearly creating some panic among the major Jew run media outlets who have paid insane amounts of money for the right to broadcast NFL games. ┬áThis Jew Moonves is only trying to protect his investment by making these remarks.

Americans should really start to boycott these Jewish promoted sports spectacles. ┬áThey are convenient distractions designed to ensure that the American people don’t rise up against the Jews who control the country.

Besides, what is so entertaining about watching a bunch of apes and mud people run around after a football?  It is obvious that many of these sports leagues including the NFL are marketing their product more towards Blacks and other ethnic minorities instead of White people any way.

Let’s see how long these sports leagues last without the support and viewership of White people.

Hollywood Reporter:

CBS CEO┬áLeslie┬áMoonves┬áon Wednesday alluded to problems with the NFL — presumably accusations of violence perpetrated by star players┬áAdrian Peterson┬áand┬áRay Rice┬á— but said the network’s ratings for┬áThursday Night Football┬áwere “above expectations.” He even suggested that controversy might have increased viewership for the game, which saw the Baltimore Ravens defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“Obviously Baltimore against Pittsburgh is a very good matchup. Obviously, Baltimore and their team were a little bit in the news, you may have heard, other than the football game, so I’m sure that may have attracted a little bit more attention. Possibly in the wrong way, but it did attract attention,” he said. “And the number was very good. The game wasn’t very good. The number could have been even higher if we had a close game, but people started tuning out in the last half hour, 45 minutes.”

The CEO, speaking at the┬áBank of America 2014 Media, Communications and Entertainment Conference in Beverly Hills, didn’t address the┬ácontroversy set off when CBS canceled┬áairing a song by┬áRihanna┬áthat had been scheduled before kickoff.

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