Jewish Federal Judge Blocks Deportation of 1,400 Iraqi Criminals and Demands They be Released

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2018

Federal Judge Mark Goldsmith has blocked the Department of Justice’s move to deport 1,400 Iraqi nationals convicted of crimes – including rape and murder – and is demanding they be released back into the public.

There is no legal precedent or Constitutional justification for this decision other than the fact that Goldsmith is a Jew with a gavel so he can do whatever he wants.

Even most white liberals think going out of your way to keep deportable killers and child molesters in our country is going too far.

According to public record, Mr. Goldsmith was a board member at the Anti-Defamation League. How membership in this openly anti-white Israeli espionage network doesn’t automatically disqualify you from becoming a federal judge is a testament to how corrupt and broken our government is.


The U.S. Justice Department is asking for more time to comply with an order that would likely lead to the release of hundreds of Iraqi nationals who are under deportation orders.

In a court filing Wednesday, the government says it can’t schedule bond hearings by Feb. 2 without delaying hearings for others who are not part of the case. It wants 30 more days to comply with a decision by Detroit federal Judge Mark Goldsmith.

Goldsmith has blocked the deportation of 1,400 Iraqi nationals with criminal records so they can challenge their removal. Nearly 300 are jailed or in U.S. detention centers in about two dozen states.

Jews in America calibrate and utilize their power to inflict the maximum amount of damage possible. There is no other explanation.

It goes without saying that no card-carrying member of the ADL would even dream of cutting loose 1,400 Iraqi alien criminals in Israel. The fact that they do it to us exposes criminal intent and malevolence.

Any time you hear a Breit-Right retard praising Israel and Zionism, show him what the Zionists think of whites and America. Judge Goldsmith is one of millions.