Jewish Identity is About Whining About Being Oppressed

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2019

I was on the Jewish Telegraph Agency website this morning, and these are the three top trending stories:

The similarity between those stories is that they are all about Jews allegedly being oppressed by evil goyim.

This is literally all Jews think about most of the time. They believe they are under the constant threat of oppression, and that all of the goyim that they live among (which they feed off of as leeches) are right on the brink of rising up and wiping them out.

It is absolutely, fundamentally pathological and psychotic.

It’s the Jewish version of a guilty conscience. Like the Telltale Heart, you know.

Beyond that, every single poll about Jewish identity shows that Jews believe that their identity is based on their stupid Holocaust hoax, with the masturbation machines, babies drowned in buckets, babies thrown up in the air and skewered on bayonets, bear and eagle cages, carrying boulders up stairs, all of it.

A whopping 73% of Jews believe “remembering the Holocaust” is fundamental to being Jewish, according to Pew. Other polls show similar numbers.

That is to say that “whining about how the goyim oppress us” is the core aspect of Jewish identity.

What you will never, ever find is an article saying “maybe if we change X behavior, the goyim will not treat us thusly.”

Nope. Nope. Never.

Because they believe that the only reason we allegedly want to destroy them is that we are fundamentally evil by nature, and created by God only to serve them. That is their literal religious belief, written in their religious books, told by their religious leaders.

It’s almost like they should leave our countries, and just leave us all the hell alone.

But no.

They’ve got important things to teach us, still.

Because it’s their duty to light up our world with the sacred light of Israel.

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