Jewish Invasionist Bari Weiss Sits Down with Odious Jew Parasite Bill Maher to Announce Orange Man is Bad

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2018

Jews really need to get their story straight: are they flooding white nations with brown people or is this a conspiracy theory?


HBO’s late-night political satirist Bill Maher sat down with New York Times op-ed editor and writer Bari Weiss on Friday to discuss last week’s deadly Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. It turned out to be a very powerful few minutes of television.

Weiss’ father was once president of a congregation at the Tree of Life synagogue where 11 people were murdered in an anti-Semitic mass shooting, which was motivated by anti-immigrant hate and the suspected shooter’s belief that Jews were helping to bring immigrants into the United States.

Maher said to Weiss, “I mean, this is a guy who didn’t like Trump because he wasn’t enough of an asshole.” “Exactly, he was too much of a globalist,” jumped in Weiss.

“But, he’s definitely heard his message. He definitely heard Trump’s message that the invasion is coming,” continued Maher. “What I learned recently – I think from your article – is that when we heard that chant in Charlottesville, ‘Jews will not replace us,’ I thought they were talking about a Jew will replace me specifically. But they were talking about the fact that Jews will not replace us with the brown people.”

Weiss agreed with Maher’s assessment, adding, “What is important to remember is that anti-Semitism is not just a prejudice, it’s a conspiracy theory.

Weiss continued to explain how terms like “globalist” have become synonymous with “Jew” on the right, and are nothing more than an anti-Semitic dog-whistle.

You will recall that Bari Weiss went on NPR after the synagogue shooting and said that white nationalists are right in their characterization of the Jews, that they are flooding white nations with brown people on purpose.

She explicitly said “this is not a conspiracy theory, we are doing this.”

Lots of Jews were saying that.

One Jew in The Atlantic actually did a whole historiography of Jews pushing for the invasion of white nations.

He literally said people who are against mass nonwhite immigration “take notice” of Jewish support for immigration, and this is anti-Semitic. The memes are real: noticing is the definition of anti-Semitism.

Also, some Jew on the New York Times podcast said “white nationalists are right about Jews.”

So which is it kikes?

Are we right, and it is just evil of us to notice it?

Or is it a conspiracy theory?

It can’t be both!