Jewish Media is Trying to Metoo Mike Cernovich!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2017

I don’t like Mike Cernovich.

He is in my opinion a very weird person, and he has accused me of all sorts of very bizarre things. At one point, he claimed that I am an agent of the SPLC and that the SPLC sued me and then donated all the money for my defense in order to make me more famous.

More than anything personal, however, I am bothered by the fact that he makes things up. Especially given that he attaches himself to truthful Alt-Right ideas and movements. The only actual strength of the Alt-Right is the ability to tell the truth, so when people like Cernovich and Jack Posobiec come in and start trying to co-opt us while also aggressively inserting fake news – which is then sometimes picked up on by more genuine people – it is an attack on the movement’s core.

That having been said, I do hope that he deals with this situation properly, as the way he deals with it is going to reflect on the entire right wing and will play a role in shaping the the larger metoo narrative moving forward.

Daily Beast:

A high-profile Reddit Ask Me Anything session quickly backfired on prominent far-right internet troll Mike Cernovich on Friday, as users with names like “FartHog69” demanded to know how he got a “a rape charge talked down to battery” in 2003.

Cernovich took to Twitter to claim the Q&A session was a “huge success,” despite the top post consisting almost entirely of accusations of impropriety against the conspiracy theorist.

“It’s a matter of public record that you were charged with rape, and pled it down to a battery charge. Did you hire a private investigator to harass witnesses like you claim you did on your old legal blog or is that untrue?” Reddit user sejuani_air_ult asked.

Cernovich, one of the earliest peddlers of the false Pizzagate conspiracy theory that claimed Hillary Clinton’s campaign was running a pedophile ring out of the basement of a pizza shop that had no basement, did not respond to that question.


Cernovich received repeated questioning about a 2003 rape charge that later became a battery charge.

“The false accusation against me was dismissed, and my initial arrest was expunged. That’s why you losers can’t find any court records, none exist, expungement!” he wrote.

“Why are you thinking about rape all of the time?” he then asked a user who had not talked about rape on Reddit in over a year, according to his post history.

Cernovich had recently gained mainstream recognition for forwarding verifiable documents to BuzzFeed News confirming Congressman John Conyers quietly settled a sexual harassment suit. Weeks later, Cernovich promised his readers he was “currently reading the sexual harassment settlement documents of a major Democratic US Senator,” which wound up being false, forged documents about Sen. Chuck Schumer. Cernovich later claimed he was duped.

This week, Cernovich falsely insinuated the Amtrak train crash in Washington state was caused by an antifa member pouring concrete on tracks.

Cernovich was asked about the many times he has been dangerously wrong in the aftermath of news events and tragedies.

“Hey Mike, Do you think that an important part of being a good critical thinker is showing intellectual humility?” asked user Stuchapin.

“If so, can you tell us about a few times you have been wrong?”

Cernovich, who once wrote he’d “bet on my life [Barack Obama] is gay” in a tweet he later deleted, responded to Stuchapin by saying he regrets having once believed that right-wing agitator “Dinesh D’Souza’s methods of calling Democrats racists and Nazis [were] corny and ineffective.”

Clearly, the Reddit posts and this Daily Beast article are attempts to call forth female accusers against the Cern.

That will probably happen. Cernovich was a “pick-up artist,” which is a cult that is based around getting sluts drunk to have sex with them. I would be completely shocked if there are not dozens of women who had sex with Cernovich while drunk who are now looking to take revenge on him.

*Puts on “Anglin’s Crisis Management Service” ballcap*

What he needs to do is not do a MILO, to not apologize and to publicly call the women whores and exaggerators.

He needs to cite the New York Times article that claims that Metoo is going too far.

That will be the clincher and the ultimate judo move.

Right now, the entire establishment is scared to death of metoo, and they’re trying to begin to undermine it, while the sluts themselves are continuing to go wild. If Cernovich steals the talking points of the NYT, they will back down, because they don’t want the sluts saying “rapist fake news troll Mike Cernovich cited the New York Times in his defense of rape.”

And of course, even when they back down the sluts will say that anyway – so it benefits both Cernovich AND the larger narrative of metooism by undermining the establishment’s attempts to dial back the outrage machine.

Cernovich deserves to be destroyed for being a lying fake news hoax-artist, not because he raped some hooker 15 years ago.

Although if he lets this destroy him, it isn’t really that big of a deal. But the fact that it helps our narrative if he is successful in fending it off is enough reason for me to tell him how to do that.

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